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Thread: Making a Level 1 equipment thievery hit list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuco
    BTW: There's a sword named Umbra in a cave off a dunmer that's a ways north east of of Skingard. I don't think anyone's posted about it yet.
    I guess the cheating way to kill Umbra at Level 1 is either to kite her to the Imperial City, or pay her a visit with Martin and Jauffre in tow...

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    You don't need anything so grand. A handfull of healing potions and standing near one of the many spike traps works just fine. Or jumping on the broken pillar and shooting her.

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    Did anyone post about the stores in the Imperial City yet? The Mystic-Whatever store in the Marketplace District has over 1000 gold worth of stuff lying around. It's quite easy to steal them and you'll meet all the fencing requirements for the rest of the thieve's guild missions. Or just keep the money for yourself.

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    Speaking of the Merchant District, The Main Ingredient is also a good one to loot, mainly because of the alchemy equipment. There's even a hatch in the basement, so you can use the sewers to gain access.

    If your lockpicking skills are up to it, hit the jewelry store. Even though some of the display cases require a key you'll still get loads of jewelry. Remember to raid the basement.

    And during the Unfriendly Competition quest, if you poke around in the place where you have to fight you'll find a very nice un-levelled mace.

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    i would say to not get umbra before the quest, because the quest is broken

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