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Thread: Crash Code 4294767295

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    Crash Code 4294767295

    Whats up with crash code 4294767295, I get this when trying to run TN. I have A PII 333, 128B, VooDOO 3 2000, Soundblaster Live. HELP PLEASE!

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    Finally I find someone with the same symptom I have with TN!!!!I also have the same specs(close) that you do. Have u found a way to make TN work?!!I get the exact same error.
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    Um, actually, you get a different error according to your follow-up thread.

    And regarding the "finally", I would suggest that you consider giving actual details of any such problems in the future (You never mentioned the error message before, nor any of the hardware/drivers you are using.)

    Anyhow, I can't find an exact match for either of your error messages, but seeing as you (I guess) both have Voodoo cards you may wish to re-read this thread and try out the solution offered just in case:

    I hope that does the trick. If not, and combined with the other links I mentioned previously, I'm afraid I don't have any further help onhand... those threads cover everything I've seen about getting the game running on a modern machine.

    (So if anyone knows the answer, I'd love to hear about it...)

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