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Thread: best twist ending in a fan mission

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    best twist ending in a fan mission

    ok i am not sure of mission name but i can never forget the ending ,you have to go and meet some guys daughter for a date,very puzzle filled mission,but when you meet your date its was straight out of twilight zone

    and on a side note has anyone ever though about making a twilight zone/outer limits/tales from the dark side/creep show type missions where the ending is the best part

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    I think the mission you're referring to is "Rendezvous" from 2015.

    Concerning your side note: There are a few missions or even campaigns which have a twist at the end. Whether it's the best part or not depends on the player's experience.

    For example, the (unfinished) "Ruins of Originia" campaign has some kind of twist, being seen in the movie at the end of the last mission. When I once saw that movie before having finished the campaign, I found this ending so interesting that it motivated me to continue playing and successfully ending the campaign although I was already very frustrated with it. This campaign's missions are not considered easy. And while they are usually not taking place in a weird alien world, the player still travels through several more or less abandoned cave systems... but "abandoned" does not necessarily mean "empty".

    Another one coming to mind is the recently published "Patriot" campaign by Zontik. Not very creepy towards the end, but with one or maybe even two twists right at the very end of the last mission.

    Then there is "Cataclysmic Revelations" (AKA "CCR campaign"), although I do not know which of the numerous versions it was. At least one of them has an ending that some fans of Garrett might not like. There's also some kind of a creepy parallel world which the player has to enter.

    Want another bad ending? Play "CNSD - The Game", if you still have it on your hard disk or can somewhere still download it. The author has removed it since there were some disturbing events in his home country which somehow remind one of this mission, if I understood that right.

    Something more like what you might seek is "Eclipsed". Very creepy even before the opponents show up, and definitely with a twist to the bad side at the end. Garrett travels through an abandoned town and uncovers the reason for it being abandoned - and why he had better not ignored the Keepers' warnings about going there. And then it's too late...

    You certainly heard of Sensut's "Dracula" and "Elizabeth Bathory" campaigns. Although the endings might be considered a twist (in both cases, the titular beings are not as bad as they appeared near the start of both campaigns), they are rather gradual turns over several missions instead of some sharp turn of events at the end. On the other hand, there's enough creepy and nocturnal stuff. If you have not played these, then you should do so now.

    Less creepy and just with a tiny bit of unease at the end is "Morbid Curiosity". If you don't feel uneasy at the end, maybe you should look at the doll that has mysteriously appeared in Garrett's room during the mission.

    "Forgotten Tomb" has two endings to offer, and one is a twist which can only be considered bad. Unfortunately, it is not very clear what happens there.

    "Deceptive Perception 2: Phantasmagoria" is another such mission where there's a bad turn of events revealed at the end, but the player is rather left to guess what happened.

    That should be enough for you for the rest of the year, I guess...

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