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Thread: Any tips for build etc for DS2

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    Any tips for build etc for DS2

    I just picked up Scholars of the First Sin in the current Steam sale and for the first time am considering playing as a magic user this time round. While I did use a little bit of Pyromagic and a couple of entry-level Cleric spells in DS, for the most part the two characters that I have played with in DS1 and DS2 have been pure fighters. I love sword fighting so don't want to give up hand-to-hand combat completely, so am interested in hearing about what types of other magic using builds that other players here have found success with.

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    You have three paths ahead of you, bearer of the curse. You can go for sorceries (INT), which will give you a good number of offensive spells, or go for miracles (FTH), which gives you a great deal of support spells, like heal, cure poison, magic barrier, etc. Lightning spears are shit, emit force / heavenly thunder are not bad, but miracles simply aren't that good for offense. The third option is to go all the way, and pump up both, which will provide you with even more offensive spells, but of course you'll have less points for other stats.

    I'd say around 42 INT or 42 FTH is good enough if you focus on any (though the most powerful spell tool for either requires 50 stat, might go for that), for being a hexer I'd go with 32/28 (for specific spells). In any case, for combat, pick a weapon you like, get the minimum required STR and DEX, infuse it with the appropriate element (magic with faint stone, lightning or dark) and throw the appropriate buff on if you want to hurt them.

    Since you said you want a break from melee fighting, a sorcery or a hexer build might be the way to go, for offensive spellcasting. Needless to say, at least 20 ATT is pretty much required.

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    Basically, you can use any type of build and it will be playable. Plus, soul vessels allow to change or adjust build anytime you want.

    As for my experience, the first time I played through original DS2, I was DEX/Pyro, now on NG+ I'm DEX/Hex. Both worked good. Generally I like non-standard builds more (it means I don't like pure STR or INT builds, too common). If I'll play NG++ it probably will be dual wield/Faith build, even though Faith, IMO, is pretty much useless, but I'd like to try and squeeze maximum effect from it.
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    Thanks for the tips.

    Well I'm off to a fairly good start with my sorcerer build so far. I've been playing it in a lot more of a nonlinear fashion this time, by going backwards and forwards through Heide's and Forest of Fallen Giants. There are definitely some great advantages to this style of character and at times I feel like I'm cheesing it a bit by soul arrowing most of my opponents before they can get close enough to hit me. While I've now beaten the Pursuer and the Dragonrider on my first attempt (with 1 summon for each), it would have been difficult to do this without summoning help at my level.

    It's interesting to see all the new surprises in SotFS, and with magic being a new playstyle for me it almost feels like a new game. It just goes to show what an amazing level of depth and versatility this game has.

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