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Thread: Prequel Trilogy Hand-off

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    Prequel Trilogy Hand-off

    It has been about 10 years since the release of my Finals in the Academy mission. That was the first in a trilogy of missions. Unfortunately the other two mission have been stalled for at least five years. I would like to see them finished in some fashion, but know now that I will never be able to do so.

    The second mission, True Dreams, takes place immediately after Garrett drinks an hallucinogenic vision potion. The entire mission takes place in Garrett's head and provides metaphoric hints on how to approach the final mission, Graduation. True Dreams is packed with homages to the original T2 games and some of the early fan missions, all seen through a distorted lens. It is 80% done. That is, all of the world-space geometry is complete, except for any errors to be fixed in beta. All of the planned custom objects, new AIs, and textures are complete. And all but a few of the planned scripted "tricks" are complete. What is left is the gameplay tuning (AI placements, difficulty levels, etc.), objectives, and testing. The mission is extremely non-linear.

    The third mission, Graduation, takes place after Garrett wakes up from his true dream experience. Surprise, Garrett has to save his world from a maniacal necromancer villain. If Garrett payed attention during Finals and True Dreams, he should have a general idea how to go about this, but only a general idea. The mission has 80-90% of the world-space complete. But that's about it. There are some nifty (if I say so myself) tricks in this one, some half-built, some complete. This mission is planned to loop. That is to say, you have to traverse the map more than once to complete the mission. Some things in the early part of the map are only accessible after you have met certain objectives triggered in the latter half. This means that gameplay elements are especially critical (and still need to be fully addressed). Revisiting an area should have different challenges than those originally experienced traversing an area.

    So, since I want these missions to be completed and cannot complete them myself, I am looking for someone to hand them off to. I will share my vision for them and consult if desired, but I want them to reflect the vison of the new author(s) as well as my own. I think there is enough scope left in each of them for that to happen.

    If you are interested, PM me.

    Draft Mission Briefings:


    True Dreams:


    Some interesting tricks:

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    I think a lot of people will be intimidated by the technical wizardry involved. Plus finishing someone else's mission is much harder than it sounds.

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    I'm sure someone will be interested in completing these missions. Maybe it could be a group effort similar to how Seven Shades of Mercury was completed.

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