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    Alright. First of all, I need ideas for a mission in Deus Ex. My basic plan was to make a large office building in a quartered off portion of a city (the building was taken by terrorists). What cool things should I include?

    Secondly, why do people never post here?! Is Deus Ex not as good as Thief??? I think not! Deus Ex is twenty times better than Thief, hands down. Come on people, let's rock this world and edit away!

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    I think most are off on the IonStorm forums.
    Why? I don't know, we have everything we need here. Meh.

    <small><small>Well, except for the many, many rabid daikatana-lovers, and the hordes of morons. Koobze eyes the various other forums... Well, uh... we don't have... SPAM! SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM!

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    how can you say Deus Ex is better than THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on you!!!!!!!!!

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    Unfortunately, it is true. Deus Ex is better than Thief. However, it is not twenty times better. At least this is my opinion.

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    DeusEx is great, but better than Thief? Nah, I'm not sure about that. Other games try to imitate elements of Thief, not the other way around. Thief was truly a ground breaking new style of fps play. Not even the graphics of DeusEx can compare to Thief, and graphics were probably one of Thiefs weakest elements.


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    Personally I want to design levels that are as close to realistic (within the framework of the ficticious world provided) as possible. In Deus Ex the enemy AI is so poor that without loads of scripting I just wouldn't be happy. Also I already know how to use dromed (to a certain degree anyway) and I don't have the time to learn a new editor.
    As I say this is just my opinion but it may give an indication as to why all the Thief/Thief2 editors haven't all moved over here.

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