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Thread: golden saint

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    golden saint

    can someone tell me the exact location of a golden saint scroll i can buy or steal

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    Try Folms Mirel in Caldera's Mage Guild. Interestingly enough, only one person sells the actual spell (Felen Maryon in Tel Branora, near Therana's room)

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    Not really that suprising, its the strongest summon in the game and requires like 170 magicka... so it should be rare, and in the hands of the telvanni. Just like the summon winged twilight.

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    Hrm... I suppose so, but I would've expected them to also plant it on a Mage Guild hermit somewhere, just in case Therana went psycho on you and dragged them into it.

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    Master Aryon...

    Master Aryon my Telvanni master gave me five scrolls of summoning... at least I "think" it was him, but I had to complete all of his quests took me a couple days straight playing to finish them.

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