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Thread: Order of things

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    Order of things

    So....I totally broke my game by having too many mods installed and so I uninstalled everything and have re-installed but will not play until I have finished the monster report I am working on at the moment. It will be like a treat.

    2 things, I wish to ask the audience:

    1) With the DLC add-ons, does it alter the game drastically to have them all active from the get-go? I know Dawnguard introduces Vampire attacks, which I can live with (particularly if you install the "when Vampires attack" mod), but what does Dragonborn do? I've never properly completed the main quest line in Skyrim and I didn't want to disturb the rhythm too much. Is Dragonborn something which only starts if you go somewhere to activate the quest-line? Or are you told "there's another Dragonborn" so early in the game that you just don't feel special any more?

    2) Stormcloaks vs. Imperials. I'm already pretty sure I want to side with the Imperials, despite being a fan of the underdog. Stormcloaks are a bit too racist for my liking. HOWEVER, how much does it affect the overall game when you start overthrowing cities and replacing Jarls and whatnot?

    [EDIT] TUMBLEWEED......anyway, never mind, I bought Dragonborn, installed everything, added upwards of 50 mods (but not such system draining ones) and am now trundling along happily. This time I followed the Imperial during the Helgen SNAFU and if I join the civil war, will probably take the Imperial side.
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    1. You get attacked by cultists at a certain level with Dragonborn installed. That's how the quest line starts.

    2. The only thing that changes at the end, gameplay wise is who gets to guard what city.

    Also, I'd recommend installing BOSS if you have a lot of mods running. It'll really help you sort them. Be sure to read the report for any errors and recommendations it makes. If you see "Contains dirty edits" or "Bash Tag Suggestions:" you can ignore those. It's the warnings you want to read.

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    verbose douchebag
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    I use BOSS and I fix dirty edits and deleted objects using TESVEDIT.
    I also use the texture optimiser tool after all mods are installed to reduce stuttering.

    I'm nothing if not thorough

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