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Thread: Levelling made easy (stat modifiers and level ups explained)

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    Levelling made easy (stat modifiers and level ups explained)

    Okay, this has come up a couple times this weekend, so I figured I would put something together regarding how levels are determined and how stat modifiers are applied. Compiled from a couple posts in the past few days, so if it seems to read odd, that is why:

    You only gain levels by increasing Major and Minor skills. You can increase them through any method (training, books, or using them), and you gain a level after 10 increases.

    You do NOT gain levels by increasing miscellaneous skills. Miscellaneous skills are, however, a great engine for driving up your stat modifiers. If you improve a miscellaneous skill through use, it counts towards the stat modifier for its governing statistic. It will NOT increase the modifier if you improve it through training or through reading books.

    The level qualifier stacks, so if you improve major skills 20 times prior to levelling, then the stat modifier will go towards the first level, and if you rest a second time, you will gain another level immediately, with no modifiers.


    The formula for stat modifiers per skill increases is as follows:

    2X bonus: 1-4 increases
    3X bonus: 5-7 increases
    4X bonus: 8-9 increases
    5X bonus: 10+ increases

    If you are increasing skills by actually USING them (i.e. jumping for acrobatics, taking hits for armor skills, et al.), then it does not matter whether the skill is Major, Minor, or Miscellaneous for it to count towards the stat modifier.

    In order for a skill to count towards the stat modifier through training it, however, it can not be a miscellaneous skill. The same applies to reading books for increases.

    Miscellaneous skill increases do not count towards the level increase (10 increases in a major or a minor skill, and you gain a level). Use miscellaneous skills (remember, only through using them, not through purchasing training) to boost your stat modifiers to whatever level you want. This could let you get 5x 5x 5x modifiers to three stats every time, if you are patient. Acrobatics is easy to boost if you are so inclined to improve your strength, by finding a sloping wall and moving forward while jumping into it. The jumps don't go very far, which is the advantage - you don't have to wait to land.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bump - Hoping it helps someone.

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    this thread should be locked down at the top =P

    ^_^x kD

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    Thanks Nomad:

    Had to read it a couple of times to understand (not you, me)

    Didn't understand stat modifier at first. It's were I put one of my 3 chits when I level up, right.

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    Exactly, Fizz. I realize now I should have said multiplier, not modifier.

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    Random bump, since it came up...

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    Can I just ask if it's normal to have a huge 'overhead' waiting for you on your level up.
    Ever since about character lvl 3, I've had levels 'in the waiting', ie had about 30/10 points towards my next level up.

    After playing morrowing for a weekend and 2 nights, I'm not level 26, and have 56/10 points towards my next level up. It's a pain in the arse, because I don't want to rest until I've got my stat modifiers up higher, but need the mana/health recharging, and shop restocking, that resting provides.

    I just wondered if this is normal when you play your character closesly. I'm an assassin, and have played in the towns at thieving for most of my game, only recently going out fighting monsters, when my athletics, security and sneak are at 100.

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    Darkfox - You have yourself in a bit of a predicament. Every time you rest, you will gain a level until your level up counter drops below 10/10. The problem is, every time you level, your Stat Multiplier is going to reset to zero. If you get 5x5x5 (or any variation of multipliers) using major or minor skills, it is going to add numbers to your level up counter. Your best bet would be to just stop where you are, get your multipliers through using your miscellaneous skills, rest for an hour to get the level up, then do it all over again until you are caught up. If you are at 56/10, you should have 5 levels waiting - so it will be a long, painful process. The other option is to disregard the multipliers, rest an hour at a time to get your levels (with no multipliers), and then continue on. Honestly, I have only had levels in waiting once or twice, and only one level at a time, because I had been getting most of my 5x5x5 by using the misc. skills as soon as I gained a level, so I wouldn't be scrambling for it later (when I wouldn't be able to rest to build up magicka without gaining a level first).

    Anything more than 10 skills towards multipliers for any specific level gained through major/minor skills ends up hurting you more than helping in the long run (unless it is that last level to put you over the top on all of your stats).

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    Should I worry about boosting my stat modifiers before I level? I've heard so many people say the game is too easy at higher levels, maybe I don't need the x5/x5/x5 every time I level?

    I'm only level 3 right now. But the problem is, I'm realizing, my misc. skills are soon going to surpass my major/minor skills simply because I keep training them to boost my stat modifiers. This is pretty silly if you ask me. There's a reason I picked out my major/minor skills -- I want them to be highest, obviously.

    So should I just stop worrying about the modifiers and take the x2 and occasional x3?

    Thanks in advance

    Wood Elf Infiltrator

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    Pike - Well, eventually, using 2x and 3x multipliers, you should max everything out anyway (though it takes a lot of levels to max out Luck regardless, since there is no skill that increases it). There are definite benefits to maxing things out early (more strength means more stuff to carry, more endurance yields higher HP, higher intelligence means more magicka - other than that, the others don't affect it that much) - so I would still try to get those up to 100 as soon as possible (they were the first ones I maxed), other than that, feel free to take your time. If you get 2x-3x in two skills, toss one into Luck, and it shouldn't be a problem. It all depends on how you want to play. If you don't mind the little increases, then it doesn't matter. If you want Real Ultimate Power so you can totally flip out and cut someone's head off, then go for the 5x5x5x.

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    Governing Attributes

    Has anyone been able to determine a relationship between skills and their governing attributes, beyond the obvious relationship of stat increase multipliers? I'm curious as to how a high or low attribute will affect the whatever skills it governs.

    - Tra'Hari

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    You can't train a skill above it's governing attribute.
    If you have speed of 50 you can't get short blades above 50 etc. (not by training at least, I'm not sure if you can still get it above by using the skills.)

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    Actually - you can get stat increases from having trainers raise your misc. skills. The trick is - you have to train at least one point in the skill through practice - but after that you can boost the stat as much as you want for the next level through using trainers.

    Example - After I got gold in the 10s of 1000's, I went to a fighter's guild and used my misc medium armor and axe skills to raise up my strength and endurance several levels in a row. I would equip some medium armor and an axe, go out and hack away at a creature until both those skills had gone up ONE point, then go back to the guild and train them another 9 points. I level up, rest, and I get the 5x modifier for Strength and Endurance. For the next level I would have to repeat the process - going out and practicing up the skills one point again, then going back and training the other nine.

    If you use skills that you have really low levels for (my med armor and axe were both about 8-9 pts to start), you can power level about 4 levels with only a few thousand gold in training, getting 5x5x5x multipliers every time. (I was also having trainers raise up my spellcasting mojor skillss - so that I could get a new 5x5x5x level in about 10 minutes and a few thousand gold).


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    nurf - Training to increase the multipliers for miscellaneous skills is a recent addition - it was added to the game in the patch.

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    Oh. Didn't know that. Almost as soon as I installed the game I installed the patch, just so that I could see the health bars on other characters...

    But I imagine it's still worth mentioning for those who have the patch installed...


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    Absolutely, and I thank you for bringing it up. It is an important amendment to the above material.

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    And do someone here know how act the favorite attributes ? ie what are they doing more than giving 10 more points in an attribute ?
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    Black Hand
    Originally posted by Nomad
    nurf - Training to increase the multipliers for miscellaneous skills is a recent addition - it was added to the game in the patch.
    Yes, that's right, after the patch every single skill increase, no matter how you get it, counts towards the bonus multiplier. And to be honest I don't like that at all, because the attributes grow way too fast now.

    Does anybody know a way to restore the old skill/level system with the patch?

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