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Thread: Together in Dark Shadows

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    Together in Dark Shadows

    Welcome friends to Thief: Together In Dark Shadows!

    What is it?: Together In Dark Shadows (TIDS) is the return of the Bi-Weekly (twice a month, two times a month, every month we play two missions, every two weeks - however you want to say it) fan mission playthrough group exclusively housed here on's forums. The focus is on new dark playthroughs of T1 and T2 mission (or their new dark releases) as well FMs from the Dark Mod and Thief 3.

    What happens here?: Every two weeks, a new forum thread centered around our choice of fan missions for that month will be posted for all of us to playthrough at the same time. We encourage you to please share your experiences, thoughts and screenshots from the fan mission chosen for the sake of fun and discussion.

    You can also share your personal best mission times, ghosting accomplishments or failures, loot totals, secrets found - anything from statistics to funny things that you experienced during the mission at hand. All of us have different play styles and abilities - and it will be interesting to see how each person approaches and finishes a mission. After all, we're all here for the love of the game, so lets experience it together.

    How can I participate?: This part is simple - play the mission and post along with us in the TIS forum threads. The more you post the better - include anything and everything you'd like. I personally would like to encourage screenshots and any funny moments or oddities you may find along the way. Though we are a group of sorts (Think Oprah's book club for Fan Missions.. but without the fruity aftertaste) everyone is invited and more than welcome to post along with each and every TIS group discussion. The more the merrier, so to speak.

    Where can I find a complete list of past TIS/TIDS forum threads?: For TIDS, the links are located here. If you wish to parse the original TIS, the index is located here.

    Thief: Together In Dark Shadows Previous Forum Thread Listing:
    Volume One: Order of the Vine By Conor "SilentSleep" Armstrong - Currently Playing Feb. 8th - Feb 22nd
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