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Thread: TDP20AC Mission Shadow Play (11/30/2018)

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    WOW, what a beautiful mansion's mission :) Level design is just outstanding. Interesting things in almost every corridor and room in the mansion :) Outside also very well crafted and as Establishment says: "roof provided a splendid view" ;D LOL :)) Superb work man! I thought that nothing would surprise me after playing the other contest's missions, but as usual - next mission, next surprises in a good way ;)

    Took me about 2h and 17min with zero blackjacks/zero kills. Found 2909/2910 of loot ;DD Probably one, very last, single coin of gold is my challenge now ;) Of course don't tell me where it may be (not in the fountain ;P) but to confirm - I have: 1624 of gold now. Does full loot describes: 1625? As for loot - it's not super, extremely hard, it's just Demanding (by uppercase "D"). You need to watch, look, think, observe, and then about 90% should be yours easily.

    Not even one single spider in a place where it should be? :| And also I was expecting something to blown up... didn't find what it might be :(
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    Expert, 43 minutes, 2195/2910 loot. A straightforward mansion robbery, but never boring and with zero fluff. I ghosted because 1) the readme suggested a short mission, so I figured it wouldn't be tedious, and 2) because it seemed like it would help me appreciate the room connections and guard placement. And it did! Guards on the upper floors are particularly well-placed, and there are lots of tempting spots to use water/moss arrows, but without many to spare. Good design IMO. I need to replay it, but this time knocking everyone out and scouring the place for more loot.

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    This was a great mission, I really loved the simplicity and elegance of it. When's the last time anyone played a mission with effectively zero readables? Just straight thieving and sneaking here, pretty awesome. I was able to ghost it and not use any equipment, and even though it was difficult it wasn't frustrating or annoying. Well done. Finished in about an hour but really didn't want it to end.

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    I've just finished this one and it was a lot of fun to explore! I just wish there had been a story line as that would have been the icing on the cake. Thanks very much for this little gem.

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