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Thread: Announcing Thief 2: The Metal Age 20th Anniversary Contest - Mar 23-27, 2020

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    My top 3:

    1. Into the odd (one of the most mind blowing missions I have ever played)
    2. Feast of Pilgrims (best rooftop mission ever made I think)
    3. Where the unknown lurks

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    How does the voting happen and when is the deadline for voting? Sorry if I'm asking for info that is already in this thread but I somehow missed it while scanning through, is it just posting in this thread with top 3? I've only gotten around to play a few of the missions so far so hope I didn't miss the voting already

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    Go to the first page of this thread and read through the contest announcement. Almost in the end of this announcement is the link where you can vote. The deadline is June 28, 2020.
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    Completed the last of the 11 missions today and submitted all my votes. I had limited myself to playing one mission per week. This was perfect. I was looking forward each week to play the next mission when I had a day off.

    Overall, the quality of the submissions was high: On a scale from 1 to 10, my average rating was 7.2/10.

    I would like to thank the organizers of the contest, all authors, betatesters, and anyone else who helped making this a success!

    Biggest surprise
    Troubling Transitions by Psych0sis
    I was absolutely floored by the quality this mission. This is a huge leap forward in size and detail after the author's first release Dewinder Manor from 2018.

    Best new author
    Skejven with Where the Unknown Lurks
    Excellent first effort! This is a compentent and engaging mission with some nice details and apparently some large optional areas that I missed on my first playthrough.

    Best puzzle
    The Builder's Paradise by Children of Endeavour
    Shutting down the forsaken factory is an incredibly involved but not too convoluted puzzle.

    Best character drama
    Fierce Competition by Jayrude
    Even as a subplot, the failing marriage between Fred and Elisabeth manages to be both believable and memorable.

    Best story twist
    Show Off by Grandmauden
    The twist at the end elevated what would otherwise be a standard museum heist.

    Best rooftops
    Feast of Pilgrims by Random_Taffer & marbleman
    One of the best Thief rooftops missions ever released.

    Most unusual
    Ten Little Taffers by Balboa
    I never played a mission quite like this. Balboa dared to design a scenario that pushes the boundaries of what can be scripted for the engine.

    Most subversive
    My Favorite Year by Morendrum
    Nope, I'm not even gonna comment. I won't spoil it here, but I still laugh when I think about that moment.

    Funniest journal
    The Pursuance of an Inscrutable Reciprocity by GORT
    The note in the second mission about "thy droppings" is the funniest thing I read in the whole contest.

    Scariest room
    Into The Odd by Croissantine & Die Fugger
    Huh? Why is that door walled off? Why does this room feel so creepy? What is coming out of... aaaAAAH...

    Deadliest trap
    Time For Change by Lord Taffer
    I would like to know if there is a single player that was not caught by the mine in Lady Brenegart's torture chamber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Deadliest trap
    Time For Change by Lord Taffer
    I would like to know if there is a single player that was not caught by the mine in Lady Brenegart's torture chamber.
    I actually laughed out loud when reading this, cause I sure as hell fell for this trap

    My top 3:
    1. Feast of Pilgrims: The best rooftop FM ive ever played.
    2. Troubling Transitions: So enjoyable to explore.
    3. Show Off: A museum. Says everything.

    Cant wait to see the results end of June & a big thanks to all of the awesome authors and the efforts they put into this.

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    Why is the mission title Finkelberry but our main man is only called Finkel? Or did I miss something?

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