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Thread: Freebies for everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi View Post
    Star Wars: Battlefront II is the next Epic giveaway, it'll be available later today.

    I have no interest in playing multiplayer with strangers nowadays - a fairly popular shooter where you probably can't avoid bumping into all sorts of idiots doesn't sound very tempting, but I just read that there's supposed to be a half-decent single player campaign in the game too! I'm sort of looking forward to trying it out now.
    Yes indeed, I played though the SP campaign about a year ago, this is what I wrote then:

    Some annoying checkpointing aside the gameplay is tight and good. It's mostly shooting, but you also have the option to stealth some parts, and there's quite a few flying sections too. The story follows the leader of the Imperial "Inferno Squad", starting at the end of ROTJ and ending with The Battle of Jakku. Interspliced into this are some levels where you play as more recognizable characters(Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, Kylo). The story was pretty good, except when it switched to the other characters, as those sections often felt a bit shoe-horned in. Overall, yeah, a good Star Wars game!


    Played through the SW Battlefront 2 follow-up campaign Resurrection in one sitting aaaaaand, man, it was good. It's much shorter then the main campaign but also really tight and well paced. Great storytelling and very satisfying gameplay.
    Not sure if the expansion campaign is included in the Epic version, but either way it's worth a play, if only to see what a modern AAA Star Wars FPS can look like.

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    Little Nightmares is available from Bandai Namco. It's a redeemable Steam Key. 3 days -ish left from time of posting.

    Edit: It seems to be region specific. I got it while setting my region to Australia. Your results may be different
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    Bomber Crew free at humble bundle:

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    Epic Giveaway this week: Galactic Civilizations III

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