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Thread: Thief Gold 20th Tafferversary

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    Thief Gold 20th Tafferversary

    For the Thief Gold 20th Tafferversary, I wonder if there will be a fan mission contest since last year we did one for Thief The Dark Project. If so, that would be cool! Next year, Thief 2 will most likely be getting it's own fan mission contest for the 20th Tafferversary for that game.

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    You should try to keep up with the forums more often, there IS an anniversary contest for Thief 2 and all the missions will be released on March 24th (I believe it'll be the next day, as the 23rd is the /real/ anniversary date).

    There is no Thief Gold contest, as it would just be the TDP contest... again.

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    Were there to be a Thief Gold 20th Anniversary Contest, we would have passed the release on October 29th. Unless I'm missing a thread somewhere, I don't believe a contest has taken place.

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    I've been gone from the forums for months now, just took a break for awhile. But now, I'm back. What have I missed so far?

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    The Thief 2 20th Anniversary Contest was announced last March right after the T1 20th Anniversary Contest results were posted. The thread is the first sticky in the FM forum.

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    Cool, thanks. So, I haven't really missed anything new up to this point.

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