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Thread: Looking for a mission

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    Looking for a mission

    I can't find a mission. I've been searching for it for days now, no sucess.
    I couldnt find a "Looking for a mission thread" so im posting here.

    The mission which im looking for is probably Darkmod mission, though I checked all the screenshots from all the missions on and tried a few but none seems to be this one.
    Its a small city mission, 1h or a bit more of gameplay, possibly snowy.

    Start in the picture is starting position


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    Can you give a little more info? It's a pretty generic looking city map, and it's such a small section that there's nothing very distinctive to latch on to. Also, not sure if you've tried this already, but the darkmod forums are probably a better bet for a response.

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    Yeah, probably don't need to bump your thread twice in 20 minutes.

    Can you tell us anything about the plot at all? There must something more you can add.

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    Not sure why its posted here either, but take a look at Fen Phoenix's YouTube channel. He's played a number of DarkMod missions.

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