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Thread: Gloomwood - an interview with the dev (come read!)

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    Gloomwood - an interview with the dev (come read!)

    Hello all!

    If you haven't heard of it yet, I think a lot of you here would be interested in Gloomwood, a game being developed by indie dev Dillon Rogers. It's a first-person mashup inspired heavily by Thief, System Shock, and similar titles.

    For TechRaptor, a game website I write for, I had the chance to interview Dillon, and think you'd find it interesting. Please give it a read! There are plenty of cool screenshots, too!:

    Dillon Rogers interview on Gloomwood

    I'd love to know what you think about it!

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    Sounds pretty cool!

    I see there's a few work-in-progress vids on his YT channel as well.

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    Oh yeah, and some short Thief videos as well!

    I especially like the Phantom's audio in this clip:


    Overall, it's really looking good.

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    Nice. I've only been loosely following progress on this game over the years. Glad to see he's still working on it.

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    Just quoting this for any fan-mission authors reading:

    the Thief FM community seems to just spin gold constantly. Itís bonkers how good all of those folks are. It feels rare that a community can so totally and fundamentally understand what made a game good, and recapture all those elements.

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