I picked up this train sim yesterday, and while it's still a rough-around-the-edges Early Access release, I'm really digging it.

Here's a video of my first successful Haul job, crossing almost the entire map.

I'm playing in VR, but apparently it works and plays fine in desktop mode too. Gotta say I never figured I'd be into train sims, compared to trucking sims I imagined they'd be very boring. Just going in a straight line, right? Well no, at least not in Derail Valley, which is a very hands-on experience, and strikes a great balance between simulation and just being a fun game. You rarely have time to take your attention off the rails ahead and there's plenty of preparation and planning to do both ahead of a job, and while you're on it.

The current release is still very rough. Minimum requirement is a GTX1070, which is what I have, and it's not running especially good. Frequent flickering, boulders and trees spawning in the middle of the tracks(tho without collision thankfully), and I even had one CTD which cost me a job.

Steam page (I bought the Oculus Store version tho, since Steam VR games are usually a bit wonky for me)