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Thread: Search inside threads

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    Registered: Jun 2002
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    Search inside threads

    As the title says is there a way to search inside a thread without looking at the whole forum
    For example if i search for "Shore Leave" there is a thread with 23 pages of replies which could have the info i am looking for on page 13 or maybe page 20
    The only way to know is to read every page until i find the info i need
    So can search be narrowed to the thread i happen to be in at the time ?

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    Registered: Jun 2002
    Location: Oz Mate....
    Never mind im a dumbass
    I found the link on the top right of the thread

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    Glad you found it - it's easy to assume that vbulletin makes things as hard as possible even when occasionally it gets things right...

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