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Thread: Object Dimensions

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    Object Dimensions

    Hi everyone, back after an RL issue with my health and have dusted off my old mission and have included some nice Rose Cottage (Thank you saturnine) fences. After trying to make them into separate models in the hierarchy I ran into an issue with Dimensions and another sized fence didn't show up in game with the "invalid position for un refed error" I decided it would be quicker to use the existing 10' iron fence and rename it...all's well except you can walk through half of it, now in:-
    add/physics/model/dimensions...what does X Y and Z represent in the size line in respect to the D W and H boxes on the editor please.
    I used the rcfen10 from the RCFences download from the object repository.
    Thank you.

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    If you get the invalid position error, the center of the 'real' object is in the solid. What's the real object? Type show_phys_models into the console and you can see it. Blue box.
    Adjust physics/model/dimensions. In this case X, Y and means the same as D W and H. You can also set an offset there.

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    I created a new fence object and then added these refs to it, collision=bounce, model type and model dimensions=I used the length height and depth of the model of d, w, h for x, y, z
    H I assumed was height and added it to the Y in size, X I assumed was the thickness of the object and added it to the X in size and D I assumed was the length of the object and put that size into Z in the size entry. then when I went into game it had disappeared and gave that error when I exited game mode.
    So, is X=depth, Y=height and Z=length in physics/model/dimensions at the bottom of the entry line (size).

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    Actually Z is the height and Y is the width or length.

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    Thanks John, now I have it, so if I enter the objects actual dims into the size box all will act normal?...note to self, stop getting's bad for Dromedding.

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    Turning on show physics models is every Dromed'ers best friend.

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    Oh boy, THAT ZylonBane makes everything so much easier, thank you.

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    ZB is totally right, everyone should get in the habit of walking around inside your mission with show_phys_models turned on, as you will spot all kinds of potential problems.

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    I found that tool especially useful. In one of the 20th Anniversary contest missions there were some resized desks made to appear smaller, but the physical size remained the same. As a result I was stopped just short of the end of the desk and it felt odd.

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