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Thread: Horror T2 FM "Buried Deed" Dev Thread

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    I love that kind of projects!

    Quote Originally Posted by gamophyte View Post
    WIP so far:
    One question. How do you put these photos into Dromed this way?

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    Look in the New Dark docs for set_bg_image and reset_bg_images

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    Thanks Marzec. You can set image here:

    I'm not sure if I got the dromed toolkit or not, so this might be only available with it.

    BUT NOTE, you may use this dialog box to do the set command for you, but they won't stay each time you open Dromed, nor are they stored in your COW file.
    You must note the full command that outputted in your monolog window, in fact you can copy it into your windows clipboard, and paste it into your startup cmd, see image below.

    Now it will always be there on opening dromed. Note also that this install is only for developing this mission, as recommended anyway, but also, the backgrounds can stay in startup as it's the only for this project anyway.

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