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Thread: Which FM is using custom zombie parts?

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    Which FM is using custom zombie parts?

    I know that T2X does

    Other FMs using
    - custom zombie part objects
    - renamed zombie parts/assets of unused parts which were shipped with T2
    - modified M-ZombieParts metaproperty. Means: Other zombie parts as usual will be created

    Released missions only.

    It's not about how zombies looks like, but their remains, the zombie parts, That's the objects which will be created when zombies explode.

    -Whispers in the Desert
    -From Beneath the Sands
    -Broken Triad Mission 2
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    I seem to recall using custom parts for Eshaktaar's mummy when making Whispers in the Desert.

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    Mines of Margroth has an area with a horde of headless zombies with what appears to be the apparition skin. 'Twas a memorable moment when I first saw them shambling out of the dark.

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    Sepulchre of the Sinistral has at least one undead that looks different. Encountered it in the tomb of the child, early in the mission.

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    Ruins of Origina and Sepulchre of the Sinistral Zombies have no custom parts.

    I've listed the missions that I found in the first post.
    They use Eshaktaars objects mostly.

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