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Thread: Fan Mission Recommendations?

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    Fan Mission Recommendations?

    Well, after all the downloading and patching and organizing and everything, I'm finally at the part of this process where I get to actually play the damn game again. I played through Mech Angelo, which I can't remember if I played before, and the Mortuos Liber Campaign, which I know I didn't. Feels great to play again, and I'm having lots of fun. That said, there's SO many missions that came out between now and when I last played, and its hard to keep track, so I was wondering....

    What should I play next?
    Any suggestions? Tell me, what are some of the best missions that came out for Thief 1 and 2 over the past 4 or 5 years. Or if they aren't the best, at least ones you enjoyed immensely.

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    Not all are as recent as 5 years, but here's a list of some of my favourites:

    Ruins of Originia,
    Calendra's legacy
    Calendra's cistern
    Broken Triad
    Ominous Bequest,
    The Rocksbourg series (Ink and Dust especially)
    Hammerite Imperium,
    Lorgan's web,
    Inverted manse,
    Cathedral of the Damned
    Scarlet Cascabel
    Black Frog
    Order of the Vine
    Keeper of the Prophecies
    Mirror of Return
    Sound of a Burrick in a Room
    Insanity's Crescendo
    Lost among the forsaken
    Dark Messiah
    Seven Sisters
    The Den (l'Arsene series)
    Rowena's Curse
    Nightmares (Cauchemars)
    Bloody Ruins
    Dead of Winter
    Cryptic Realms
    Cult of the resurrection
    Varyx Obelisk

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    Haha. I'm ALMOST positive that I've played....
    Most of those.

    Calendra's Cistern, Calendra's Legacy, Order of the Vine, Lorgan's Web, and Inverted Manse are on my faves of all time list. Along with everything Christine Schneider ever made. Those are ones Ive played multiple times. And here's a recommendation for you in return. Her stuff. Especially The Night Falcon, Curse of the Night Falcon, and the entire Lord Ashton series. On the subject of Lorgan's Web, I really wish the sequel to Lord Fishkill's Curse had gotten completed.

    I played the whole L'Arsene series and loved it. Ive actually been thinking of replaying it.

    Keeper of the Prophecies was fantastic. Ive been meaning to replay it sometime. I got very into the plotline of that one.

    Equilibrium I remember cause fighting Keepers. Which before Thief 3 came out was quite an interesting thing. Though I haven't played that one in ages.

    Ominous Bequest Ive played multiple versions of, and loved all of them. Very much my kind of mission.

    Ruins of Originia, not so much it seems. I didn't dislike it, but I got a bit bored in the first mission cause it was just SO BIG and convoluted. I may go back to it one day.

    Many of these other missions you mention SOUND familiar. And I'm pretty sure I played a lot of them, but I can't remember for sure. That's why I was asking for like the last 5 years or so, cause anything that came out then I know I haven't played.

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    There are tons of threads like this if you search for them.

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    Fair enough, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a new thread where people can gush about the newest things they've played. Or maybe if there's somebody around who didn't contribute to one of those old threads, maybe they have something to say now.

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    One resource I've found especially useful is fortuni's excellent Brief Summaries of all the missions thread, which breaks down releases by game, year of release, and gives a little blurb and often links to reviews by players. If you want an idea of good missions from 2014 onward, you can ctrl+f search the year and go through the mission blurbs, seeing which ones appeal to you or have praiseworthy descriptions. I've found dozens of gems that way.

    But, for some specific recommendations:

    This year, new author Korthak has released two missions, Deadly Cure, which is great, and A Night In Old Quarter, which is fantastic.

    2018 of course had the TDP20AC, the results of which can be found here. If you want, you can just go through this list in descending order, but note that most of these are great fun, and one I consider an absolute masterpiece (Shadow Play by Schlock) didn't even make it into the top 10, so don't write off entries that got 'lower' scores. It also saw the non-contest release of Cracks In The Glass by marbleman, which is an original and polished modern classic.

    2017 was a bumper year for new boundary-pushing and classic-style missions. I'm surely forgetting some, but all of these are worth trying:
    A Short Night's Work by bbb
    Behind Closed Doors by nicked
    Bertrand's Forgotten Tomb by trefoilknot
    Breathing Corpses by FrencyDecay
    Claire's Harbour by Basso71
    Unexpected Detour by DarkMax (part of Darkstone Gems)
    Death's Cold Embrace by Yandros et. al
    Derelict Dock District by john9818a
    Godbreaker by Random_Taffer et. al
    Home Sweet Home posthumously by Lady Rowena
    Nosferatu by Sensut (just got re-released with a second part, so I've linked v2 instead of v1.1)
    Precarious Business by ObservingEye
    Raven Creek by Christine
    Rebellion of the Builder 2 by GORT
    Return to the Lost City by intruder

    A Love Story V Part 2 by john9818a (the whole series is worth playing)
    Mission 3 by Christine (part of the unfinished Shadow of The Past campaign)
    Morbid Curiosity by pukey brunster
    Waterfront Racket by Tannar+Yandros
    Watery Grave by Squadarofl/Squadafroin(x)

    The Chalice of Souls by skacky, FireMage and Squadafroin
    Dirty Money by DrK (or skacky, or Melan, we may never truly know)
    Gems of Provenance by StinkyKitty (four missions, including slightly modified versions of Valley of The Burned-Widow's Ire two-parter)
    Working Late by AntiMatter_16
    Curse of the Skull Goblet by MossEater (who is actually FireMage...)
    Nobles And Craftsmen by DarkMax (part of Darkstone Gems)
    Heartcliff islands by qolelis
    A Job Well Done by R Soul
    Of Thieves and Rubies by Silencium18

    Endless Rain by skacky
    Breaking The Stone by HipBreaker
    Death's Turbid Veil by nicked
    Being Thief 2: Exile by Sensut
    Kingsbridge by Eternauta

    There are surely more than these worth trying, but I'm either forgetting them, or I haven't played them.
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    You should play Patriot Campaign. It's 11 mission long. Though I'm not a fan of Mission 1 and 6, I still think it's one of the best FMs I have ever played.

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    Excellent! Thanks for all the recommendations, DirkBogan. (LOVE your name, btw! LOL)
    I'm definitely going to look into all of those. Godbreaker is one of the ones Ive thought about taking on recently, BUT...
    Well... I see Christine has released two things since I was last around, so those are next for sure. And this is the second recommendation for Death's Cold Embrace Ive gotten as well, so I think I may tackle that after those. So those are my plans for now.

    Ive heard interesting things about Patriot too, so I'm going to put that up high on the list too, I think.

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