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Thread: T1 Mission - Sepulchre of the Sinistral (Feb. 4/2006)

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    That's where it was...
    Thanks a lot

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    I´m stuck.
    I am in The Shrine of Terror. and fell down to the water. There should be an ankh I need to proceed. The walkthrough says: "You will find the Ankh underwater, tucked behind a rock in the tunnel in the SE corner." But I can´t find any ankh lying there.
    I am playing on normal with Patch 1.19.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickie View Post
    The ankh on normal is
    in the library area of the shrine on the floor, I think by a fallen pillar - I think I went behind the table to find it on the same side of the room as the book
    I just went and confirmed it. It's in the library inside the Shrine of St. Renall. I should add that in to the walkthrough. It was written for Expert but I believe it says it will guide people through the other difficulty settings as well so a note should be included about the different location.
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    @ Nightwalker: Thanks for your help. I could finish the misison. I spent 30 Minutes searching this ankh in the pool because of the in-game hint. Than I looked at the walkthrough and searched for another 5 Minutes. I really thought it was a bug because I would have never thought such a big flaw in the game design (a note hinting to the location of a key which is in fact wrong) could happen to such a talented author.

    Btw: this was a great mission and by far the best Bonehoard-like mission I have ever played. Any other recommendations for that kind of Fanmissions?

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    Hey I've been trying to look up Doaal missions as I was a big fan of Mystery Man (and I've also played Sepulchre.)

    Did doaal ever make any other missions, or were these the only two?

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    Greetings taffers! Long time no see. Here are the answers to a few odds and ends:

    Quote Originally Posted by 242 View Post
    Now when I replay this great FM, one question arose:

    what "sinistral" does mean here? Does is really mean "left-handed" or it's supposed to mean something like "sinister"+(al) and author just mixed up words a bit ?
    Quote Originally Posted by clearing View Post
    Maybe somehow it is associated with Sinistrals?
    That's correct The names (Gades / Amon / Erim / Daos / Arek / Selan) are an homage to the Lufia games. The picture on the main menu is Daos.

    Quote Originally Posted by 242 View Post
    Yes, this is it it seems. But then shouldn't it have been named "Sepulchre of the Sinistrals"?
    AFAIR there are temples of all those evil gods in the FM, not just one god...
    It's actually a play on words Sinistral is a synonym of sinister, in this case "the sinistral" or the sinister one is a reference to Necron.

    Quote Originally Posted by metal dawn View Post
    Does anyone know what The Skull of Tiamat is supposed to do?

    It's the skull you find right next to the Pool of Radiance.

    In actually, Tiamat is a water goddess from ancient Mesopotamian times. When I first found the Skull I considered this and, on a hunch, tossed it into the Pool of Radiance. To my surprise it disappeared!

    Yet I cannot figure out what this is supposed to be for. Reading is not help; none of the books or texts I have found mention Tiamat or the pool at all.

    Insight, please? Was this something that was overlooked?

    By the way, this is apparently the only mythological reference in the mission that is consistant with any mythology in our world.
    Nice catch I was planning on using this for a puzzle but ultimately dropped it. I was looking for a better model skull but never found one, and I couldn't get the riddle to work properly and was too lazy to remove everything. As it stands I guess you can consider this to be an easter egg

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    One of the best FM for TG. Played for a 2nd time, with a NecroAge Pack. Just amazing!

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    I'm stuck in Galadus Tomb. The walkthrough says that I need to find The Ring of Faith behind intact pillar. But can't find it. I checked behind pillar in the tomb and at the graveyard. And nothing. Where exactly is this ring?

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    In the tomb turn around and face the entrance. The ring is in a niche on the west wall to the left of the entrance as you face the entrance.

    It's high up so it helps if you stand on a boulder.

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    Happy to report I was able to complete this mission on Taffer without needing any hints. Finished in 2 hours and 9 minutes with 8300 of 14775 total loot. I found both Arek's Scepter and the Horn of Gades, even though I did not need them on this difficulty level. I discovered all notes on Erim‘s legacy, but could not figure out the solution to the puzzle. Had I figured out in which sequence to light the torches, my loot total would have been slightly above 10000.

    This is a fantastic mission! I highly recommended it if you liked Down in the Bonehoard. The progression from an abandoned Hammerite chapel with crumbling walls to a sealed tomb also reminded me of The Tomb of Saint Tennor from the Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest.

    Gameplay in Sepulchre of the Sinistral is focused on piecing together clues to a multitude of puzzles. It is definitely not for players who want to rush through the mission. I found it helpful to write down every new piece of information I discovered.

    Besides the clever puzzles in the sepulchre, the foreboding atmosphere in the abandoned chapel at the beginning was a highlight for me. It has been a while since I played a Thief fan mission this spooky.

    There are several custom enemy types which look great. Impressive work!

    The architecture in this missionis extremely polished. I noticed only two tiny mistakes: 1. The elevator that leads to Brother Osma's room seems to be facing the wrong direction. 2. There is a tiny piece of texture floating in the air above a collapsed pillar down where you drop into the water after picking up the Amethyst of Terror.

    References to forum members like Nightwalker, Lady Rowena or SlyFoxx felt a bit distracting.

    It is possible to get down into the abyss without solving the puzzle in Erim‘s shrine. I used the old trick of dropping a body while falling to reduce the damage.

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