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Thread: Magazine Articles about System Shock 2

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    Magazine Articles about System Shock 2

    I started collecting magazine articles about System Shock 2 two years ago. There are currently 86 articles about this game in my collection: previews, reviews, features, news concerning the cancelled Dreamcast port etc. I wanted to share them with other System Shock 2 fans. The articles are now available on the Internet Archive:

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    Thank you for this, it's a great collection!

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    I love this kind of thing! Thank you for finding and collecting it all together and letting us know about it!

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    Good stuff. I remember finding out that System Shock was getting a sequel from Computer Gaming World magazine which I just happened to be subbed for a year from 1998 to 1999. That blew me away. They always seemed to love posting a picture of that yellow Tri-Op lifter droid in the previews the most.

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