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Thread: Gloomwood just came to my attention and it looks SUPER AMAZING!

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    Finished the EA in 3.8h, playing on Full Moon (aka Hard). It's very good and I don't wanna say anything too specific as to not spoil anything.

    I didn't really like the lack of quicksaves. It's supposed to increase tension but it mostly just increased annoyance for me, and caused me to make several minutes-long roundtrips back to the latest savespot whenever I'd made a bit of progress that I didn't want to loose. Turns out there IS a way to save anywhere, but it's kinda hidden.

    To enable saving:
    -open user.ini in the game folder
    -set "DevConsole = 1"
    -in-game press the 3rd key to the left of Enter. ("" on my keyboard, probably something else in other countries)
    -type "savegame" to save
    -"loadgame" to load
    -you can also make multiple saves with savegame 0, savegame 1, etc.

    user.ini has a bunch of other settings too if you wanna tweak your experience: Visioncones, Pickupanimations, Tutorials, etc. I haven't figured out how to bind the savekeys tho. There's a list of bindings at the bottom of the file, but it rejects any new bindings it seems. :/

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    I haven't been over here much or posted in years so thought I'd see if anyone is talking about Gloomwood. Of course, you are! I just bought the game and will dive in.

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    Gloomwood do be bussin

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    I noticed they yanked the original Demo from Steam. The EA version is OK, but I preferred the city level from the demo (and I'm assuming there will be more of that style in the actual full release too). The good news is that the demo is still, for the moment, available on GOG.

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    I love the style and feel, just discovered it a few days ago, just played it today. I like the movement and all, sound is good, lighting seems to work for stealth.. but just one teeny mistake and it's all the way back to the last phonograph I found and saved at last.

    Unless I'm missing something, it seems like it forces you to fight at least the hounds. I couldn't find any other way around them, although I only briefly tried stealth.. then just gave up and backstabbed the remaining 6 or so.

    All in all, it's a cool early access game, but I'd like more saving options as I don't like redoing sections due to failures.

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    I became interested in this, but after reading your comment hit deity, i think its not for me after all. For me saving when i want is a must in a game and having to fight is a no-go. But ill still check it out.

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    You can sneak past those hounds by distracting them with thrown objects or meat (which they'll stop to eat), but it's very hard. You can also just run past them.

    The dev has also said that the full game will have an option to enable quicksave-everywhere.

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    Ahh, that's great to know, NV. I'll definitely keep my eye on it then. (about the Quick-Saving)

    My guy runs so slow, it never occurred to me that I could outrun them. Doesn't seem possible. Will definitely try that.

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