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Thread: Thief Gold's new levels just suck

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    Yeah to me the original had a tighter, better pace. The gold missions, though wonderful additions interrupted the flow a bit.

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    "Is that a vision I see?"

    "It was a false vision."


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    I both love and hate Thieves' Guild. It's great fun until you get down into all the sewers and other areas, but it wouldn't be a Thieves' Guild if it wasn't confusing and disorienting.

    The Mage Towers was fun but, yeah, the scale was probably bigger than it needed to be. The T2 FM Malazar's Inscrutable Tower is a good scale for mage/wizard type missions.

    Song of the Caverns was a lot of fun but that one area that a long loud hallway of roving guards is super annoying and made me not want to play through it.

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    I mostly disagree. I really like Thieves Guild. Admittedly it was very difficult when I first experienced it, but the more I played it and learned the layout the more I appreciated it. It has a lot of good dialogue, reading material, and lore. It was after doing something as daring as raiding a thieves guild that Constantine decided to contact Garrett. It proved Garrett as being a master thief.

    As for the Mage Towers, this level has great areas, but also some rather crazy ones. Although memorable, the elemental towers were a little too strange, out of place, and underwhelming in the end.

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    I am happy to have the Gold levels.
    I like Thieves Guild. It's confusing & frustrating & a right pain in the butt the first dozen or so times, but I enjoy it. I appreciate the story.
    Mage Towers is a solid level, but it feels rushed out and could have been much more. There is an awful lot of underused space and the towers themselves fall a bit flat.
    I think Song of the Caverns is the most humorous level. Lady Valerius, indeed.

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    I agree with most of this posts here.
    The best TG mission was probably the mage towers, but all of them seemed to made in haste, like Gervasius manor from Thief 2 (at least from the outside/ 2nd floor with the floating items).
    What made Baffords manor or the Cragscleft prison so great?
    They are full of life, they were no giant unused or empty rooms, there were no repetitive hallways with the same texture over and over. These missions are fun to play, for Cragscleft it is the adventure through the mines to get to the prison, enabling a diverse and excellent gameplay.
    In the catacombs you had caves and tunnels and not only halling hallways.
    In Constantines manor every floor was completely different.
    The maw of chaos even was extremely diverse and well done from a mapping aspect, despite being linear and too short/too easy for a final mission.

    And now take the TG missions:

    The opera house seemed unfinished and ugly from the outside. Also the caverns were really bad made, only one texture, no differences, no interior decoration like stalagmites or stalagtites.
    In thieves guild, the overlords manors seemed to be hastitly made and mostly lazy done. Empty too.
    The mage towers were again empty and somewhat repetitive.

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    one thing i want to say is the year this was made ,i am not sure how far mapping had come to that point,so if anyone can show me a game in that year that has better first person maps please post them

    so i will give looking glass some leeway due to how far back it goes,also not counting comps back then were nothing near what we got today so not sure if some decisions were made to help level run on current computers of that time

    the themes were amazing but the finished product was weak,it would be interesting if there was a contest to remake the 3 missions from thief gold and see how well the authors could make them,only using theme of each mission

    meaning how would a real good thieves guild look/location,also how should a mage tower level be done ,separate towers in different locations???,also opera house level how should have that been done,just an idea since so many have views of the missions i would like to see if only in text also how those three levels should have played out in level design/objectives and location in story line of thief 1

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    I can completely agree with the Thieves' Guild statement, first time playing through the mission was terrible, aimlessly running around the bloody sewers.
    On the other hand,I really liked the other new missions, Song of the Caverns is still my favorite mission in TG, and i don't have much to say about The Mage Towers, it is a fun mission just nothing too special.

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