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Thread: Project Eternity

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    Hey, Malf, you think this might make Pathfinder more your speed? It's a mod, though, so be mindful of Owlcat's patch cycle, and that encounters won't have been rebalanced for turn-based.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Yeah, Owlcat's patching can be particularly destructive. I tried going back to the game recently, but found my save wouldn't load.
    Good attempt at a mod though, and if I can find a save that works, I might very well give it a go.
    Cheers Ostriig!

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    No worries! Only thing I've heard about saves getting fried was around installs with content mods like Eldritch Arcana, I think vanilla and minor UI mods should be ok. But the trick when updating a modded game is that you need to uninstall all mods and the Unity Mod Manager, patch, and then reinstall compatible mods. You might wanna just back up your saves and try a clean reinstall of 1.3.3, but be aware that there's an Enhanced Edition release coming June 6th, free to existing owners.

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