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Thread: which Thief fanmission touched the very core of your soul ? For me its curse of the

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    which Thief fanmission touched the very core of your soul ? For me its curse of the

    Curse of the scull goblet ... best fanmap i have played so far ... amazing story ... unique selfmade... complete new creatures ... simply amazing !!!

    it was so touching ...

    what about you guys ? which fanmap touched your soul ?
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    Probably Emilie Viktor because of the dream world.

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    There are several FMs that really affected me in a positive way (for the most part). The first is 'Raid on Washout Central' by Belboz: it was the first large-city-map FM I'd ever played and even though you play a non-Garrett character, the storyline was interesting, the gameplay very good, and the graphics were good (for the FM's time). I loved playing an FM that takes place on a rainy night, too. City missions with large maps and lots of places to explore (plus alert AI) are my all-time favorite type of FM to play.

    The second would have to be the 'Elizabeth Bathory' series by Sensut. Even though I detest creepy/spooky stuff in FMs, Sensut managed to keep the creepy stuff to a minimum (for me) and I loved the way Sensut provided an alternate version of the Elizabeth Bathory legend. The graphics were phenomenal, the gameplay was excellent, and (as I said) the storyline was intriguing. The whole concept was so very unique! (Please note: imo, it's a matter of personal preference; some people just don't like (or consider it enjoyable) being scared, creeped out, grossed out, or even uneasy the whole time they're playing an FM, nor do they find Haunts, ghosts, zombies, skeletons, etc., fun adversaries and I just happen to be one Taffer to whom the creepy/spooky missions do NOT appeal. I am NOT casting any aspersions on the FM authors of creepy/spooky missions because I know there are LOTS of Taffers who enjoy that kind of FM; I'm just not one of them. )

    The third would have to be Christine Schneider's 'Lord Ashton' series. Afaic, Christine was WAY ahead of her time in providing new and novel graphics and I loved the way she tied the whole series together with each progressive FM. Gameplay was great and the ambience she provided in each FM in that series was absolutely breathtaking. (Plus (for me), she kept the spooky crap down to a minimum.) I still wish Christine would start creating TMA FMs again; I can only imagine how phenomenal they'd be given the improvements brought about in FM creating during the past few years!

    Honorable mention would go to Uncadonego's 'Thieves Highway'. Imo, that was another unique and novel concept for an FM! Graphics were good, gameplay was very good, and I loved being able to travel exclusively on rooftops. This FM really appealed to the Taffer in me!

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    I never had children, neither have wish to have them.
    But after playing 7th Crystal I almost changed my mind.

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    AshenAgeP1 for its graphics
    7th crystal, Benny's dead, Errand boy....
    Not very satisfied with many missions since NewDark.
    I like NewDark though.

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    dammit there are a lot of Maps i have to play still ... i hope they touch my soul as they touched your souls ... i played 7th crystall and i liked it a lot ... though it didnt touch my heart

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    A Keeper of the Prophecies.

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    Sly can you explain why it touched your soul

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    Not without giving away the whole point of the campaign.

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    Too many, but especially Ruins of Originia, and Rocksbourg 3. The ambience, immersion, size, they are masterpieces, pure and simple

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    A Better Tomorow
    Midnight in Murkbell
    Flethcer's last mistake
    The Tower
    Bathory - Prologue

    (Rocksbourg 3 over 2 and 1? Huh, I wonder what the general opinion is)

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    Melan and Skacky's missions, so gripping and atmospheric.

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    For some reason The Shadow of Lord Rothchest and Calendra's Cistern by Purah. They really made me feel like a child again, where everything was mysterious and interesting. Even moreso than any of the OMs.
    ANIR 3 by DrK - that first library and how high it reached impressed me probably a lot more than it ever intended to.
    Lord Alan's Basmenet and further missions also made me feel something special deep inside.
    Missions from gaetane - from her L'Arsene, to the Den, to the Black Frog missions (especially the last two).
    AKOTP by frobber - especially the starting mission - that green moody feel made me feel cozier than anything before or after in gaming.
    Sperry's Broadsword of Sheol shook me deeply... in fact his whole campaign to me was an exploration into anxiety and isolation. I'd like to revisit that mission some day.
    Ombinous Bequest & Broken Triad - they really drove it home for me how you can tell a story through a game, not only a feeling or a buzz.
    T2X mission 7 ... it made me appreciate zombie missions more than anything before or after that.

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    i dont have a soul

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    Impossible. Escher fans always have soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    i dont have a soul
    You do. Dewdrop does, too.

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    Daily Aemanyl cringe.

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    Ashen Age made me want to live in that mission, even though the last time I tried to replay it I got frustrated by the convoluted objectives and quit, but it's still among my fav.

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    Yeah, probably not a good idea to resurrect a BruderMurus thread, especially after 3 years. And just to say...that.

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