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Thread: Loading save games for Thief Deadly Shadows issue

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    Loading save games for Thief Deadly Shadows issue

    Since installing a fresh new Thief Deadly Shadows install and installing the latest version of Sneaky Upgrade which is 1.1.10 I lost all my save games and now when I download from the internet to restore my save game files, the game doesn't recognize the path of where the save game files are stored. I have my save game path to OS(C/Users/Public/Public Documents/Thief-Deadly Shadows/SaveGames-T3G-1.3 as the default, (I didn't choose that save game path) and for some reason, there's another save game folder next to it called simply "SaveGames" I tried both folders to put the save game files in and tested the game many times, the game still doesn't recognize the saves. Now here's the weird part, I start a new game from the beginning and then pass the tutorial mission and save it and when I get to the "Castle Front" mission, I save again. I go back to the SaveGames-T3G-1.3 folder and I see the time and place the newly save game file was created for the tutorial and "Castle Front" missions. So I know where my computer is saving the save games files, but when I attempt to load the save game files from another internet source, the game won't recognize so the other save games won't show up in Load Game. Do I need to change my save game path so the game can recognize the other remainding save games? Thief Deadly Shadows used to save save game files in "My Documents", but with Sneaky Upgrade installed, it's not necessary for the game to save new game files there anymore?

    Update: I finally figured it out, I had to disable the Thief 3 Gold Mod because original save game files are incompatible. The save games are showing up again after putting the save game files in the "SaveGames" folder. I'm such a taffer! I really feel like Benny the guard right now, lol!!!
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    Did you notice the new window that the 1.1.10 SneakyTweaker pops up at least the first time you start it, explaining exactly this?

    I guess I'll have to find a way to make the Sneaky Upgrade actually eat people's faces...

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    You can call me a taffer for this, but now I figured it out now, sorry. It turns out that the Thief 3 Gold mod is enabled by default, but the previous version had it disabled as it's default, hmmm.
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