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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    well, they fix stuff. and are fairly well documented;
    //it shouldn't be possible to grab Felix's notes through the safe door
    +ObjProp 558 "BlockFrob"
    	"" True
    generally, three areas:
    - NewDark vs oldDark differences (basically, things that are not a problem under oldDark, but are under NewDark)
    - horrible object placement (all the upside down, badly oriented, and floaty objects)
    - broken/unfinished setups (badly placed patrol points that would make the AIs stop from patrolling and similar)
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    How do I add new skies in the FMdel repository dmls? When I try to edit, I get a black spaced sky.
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    technically, all you need to do is pick the sky you want (meaning, the vanilla level which has the sky you want), grab its sky dml (ex miss7.mis.dml) from the \MODS\t2skies folder, rename it to match the name of the FM level (ex fanmission1.mis.dml for fanmission1.mis), and edit the dml to delete the fingerprint:

       QVAR "origmis" == 1
    then it should load, you don't even need to move the resources around. would put the dml into the root folder of the fm though, FMdml is not to be tampered with, unless you really know what you are doing.
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