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Thread: Please ask your basic (newbie) questions in here.

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    AI help..

    So I'm wanting to customize my AIs. I have a lady right now with the buns attached to her head by a rigid attachment, but I can't get rid of her old hair. So right now she has long hair with the buns sticking out the side. Thanks!

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    stackable items...

    can anyone help me to make a stackable inventory item (allready done) wich keeps during map change?
    Everithing i tried the item was gone after map change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judith View Post
    Um, one piece of advice: don't use 3dsmax 5.1 as your primary modeling tool. It's old and frustrating.
    You can use any more recent version of 3dsmax, Modo, Maya etc. to create a model and map your textures correctly, then export the it in .obj format.

    The specular is broken, it makes models look weird, and often they even don't react to lightning as they should. You can only imitate the wet look in diffuse or use cubemaps to fake reflections. Feel free to use this little guide of mine as a starting point for your further experiments:
    sorry for digging so depth (will i earn golden shovel?) but @Judith do You still have this tutorial or other ones for working with T3 modelling / materials etc? I dont want to try reinvent the wheel..

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    source codes of programs for exporting models from Thief 3

    I apologize for my English, I am writing via google translator.

    I found out that a long time ago, user shadowspawn created programs for converting models. I found his website:
    But, I could not contact him. Does anyone have his contacts? Maybe he will agree to share the source codes of his programs.

    I want to rebuild his programs for Linux.

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    Have you tried sending him a PM? According to his profile he last logged in a couple of weeks ago, so he's still around.

    I'd like to see stuff ported to Linux btw.

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    Anyone know what the texture files are called for guard swords and hammerite hammers?

    I found a texture called, but that doesn't seem to be it.

    Edit: Actually I figured it out, it's shared between them and it's
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