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Thread: T2 FM: Coaxing The Spirit (26th March 2016)

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    When you get back up from the basement and wolf maze, in the newly accessed room two floors below the room with the stairs leading to the attic.

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    Thanks. Wow, I'm way off, just got into the house, got the pyramid painting from the attic, and accessed the goat door room, but now I'm pretty much stuck. Wish there was a written walkthrough for this

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    Here are my spoilery/walkthroughy notes.

    -Pixel hunt everywhere.
    -Get lantern from outhouse.
    -Get tree limb in burrick caves.
    -Cinnabar in waterfall with tree passage. Small cave in north wall.
    -Rope to all windows.
    -Get those hidden symbols.
    -Empty bottle in the room with the moveable upside table.
    -Can frob chairs block that one door.
    -Basement hatch can be frobbed using stacked crates.
    -Cat key is in the cat room. Must rope from outside to window and snatch it.
    -Crowbar can be used on porch window, and later on the self closing goat door.
    -Light the candle in the kitchen.
    -Basement hatch can be frobbed using stacked crates.
    -Anita's diary hints at what to do with a certain inventory item.
    -At the end, find the boar.

    Symbols: Related to the direction they point in the symbol wheel room?
    On the bottom floor near bed on platform, there is a ladder room.
    Black owl room. Bent bar window on west side of house.
    Cupboard near warhammer skeleton and frog door.
    Attic beams.
    Outside, high on the angled corner of the house near the south porch.
    Under basement stairs.
    Room with skins on the wall. Side of Beam.

    Demon pit maze near window into green escape path.
    Attic secret switch.
    Black cat room.
    Inside the lion/sun room. (Revealed near end of story)
    On the inside of the houses stone wall. Right against some rocks.
    In the grass across the ravine from the house.
    Past the previous entry in further grass. Across from cave.
    Ceiling alcove near wall skin room.

    The Black Pyramid is on the roof. NE side where 2 roofs meet. Hidden switch.
    The Black Skull of Samael is in the attic cat door room.
    The Circular Ruins in "leave now or I will hurt you" room. Rafters.

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    Thanks a lot!

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    i just replayed this mission for a second time and wow its so good,dale i hope you plan on making another mission

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