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Thread: Thank You TTLG

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    Registered: Apr 2006

    Thank You TTLG

    Thank you for this site.

    I've only been coming here as a member for 14 years, but still I appreciate this site, and for keeping Thief alive. : )

    Also, thank you for contributing add-on missions. I have enjoyed a great many of them. : )

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    Registered: May 2001
    Location: Boston MA

    Wow - 19 Years

    Yes, thank you TTLG, administrators, authors and players. All important to this long term success.

    I have been coming here since 2001. Hard to believe I set up an account 19 years ago.

    This is the best community ever.


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    FKA Buccura
    Registered: Mar 2014
    Location: Yeah.
    I've been coming here since I wanna say 2003, ever since I had my own internet. I went under a few different names like WrathChild and Vigro_182, because I was that kind of kid, but even so I've always loved this site and community <3

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    Been here since '09, but lurking since 2004-2005, so TTLG is a historic part of my life

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Sheffield, UK
    Just checked my profile "Registered 25th Nov 2003" so 16 years wow

    Thank you to everyone the authors, the players, the web hosters, all of you

    You kept me sane ... ish & gave me a community for 16 years

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    Registered: Jul 2015
    Thank you TTLG, I've only been a member on here for 5 years now, but been a fan of the Thief franchise since the 1st game came out. It's such a pleasure to see such a large and active community still playing these games while creating new fan missions periodically still to this day. I want to thank all of the authors that spent countless amount of hours putting so much work into these FMs! Without you, this wouldn't be possible to see a huge selection of fan missions to play for hours and hours! I enjoyed especially the mansion/estate type missions. Those have been my favorite to play for a long time now. I look forward to playing some new fan missions every now and then.

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    New Member
    Registered: Nov 2019
    New member here.
    Just wanna say thanks TTLG members for:

    1.Making compatibility patches for Thief games.

    2.Helping me in fixing an issue that I had with Thief 2 recently.

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    Registered: Nov 2019
    I'll join this massive vote of thanks. Ive been a member for more years than I care to remember, under a different name. I got logged out, and couldnt remember any of my credentials, so set up new Id.

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    Ahem - I'd just like to point out that under those circumstances, you're supposed to use the Contact Us form so we can tell you your details.

    Unless, like me, you registered in 2002 but after the database had an accident, according to MsLedd, I no longer existed and had to re-register.

    There's no doubting TTLG is incredibly special and full to the brim with special people.

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    Registered: Apr 2011
    I originally registered back in 2002, so I'm a relative newbie. Although I lost the email address that account was registered with, so remained an occasional lurker pretty much until 2018.

    But anyway, TTLG is indeed great. And has been going on for what, nearly 25 years! And I hope it'll still be going strong 25 years from now. And I don't see why it shouldn't, if we keep on coming back, keep the community alive, and keep the servers running.

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    Registered: Jan 2011
    Location: Wild and Wooly West of Ireland
    I first became a member of this renowned coterie back in the Autumn of 1888. However, I had to renounce that amalgamation a year later, due to a particularly severe bout of Quinsy. In time, all details of my association were consigned to oblivion.
    When my strength had returned, I took up a position at my Uncle's freerange orphan farm in the Outer Hebrides and thought no more of my sorjorn at TTLG. T'was on this craggy isle where I met and duly married the love of my life, Mizz Minerva Nithercoot. Tragically, a mere six weeks after our nuptials I succumbed to Flange Rot. I was buried at sea, per my wishes, but washed up on shore a month later. I was consigned to the briny for a second time, not before my foetid remains were fitted with a stout chain and a couple of the more corpulent orphans to weigh me down.
    Despite being neither Buddhist, Sikh nor Hindu, I was reincarnated some decades later as a rather dull witted Irishman. This wretched fate, I believe, is what is known as Karma (orphan farming just isn't cricket, apparently).
    All was not lost, however. After lurking in the shadowy recesses of the World Wide Web for some considerable time, this oafish Gaelic vessel saw sense to once again pledge (our) allegiance to the hallowed halls of TTLG. It has been a joyful reunion, and an experience that I will cherish 'til the end of my days.
    Thank you all!
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    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: Bremerton Washington
    I have been playing Thief for since the very first game came out. I was 30 something when I started and turning 70 this month. Still playing. I am going to start from the very first mission for the 3rd or is it the 4th time. A lot of great missions and I don't have the desire to purchase any new games. None of them compare to the fun I have with the Thief series. If I end up in a nursing home I hope I can take Thief with me.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Purg, that post made me LOL! Thanks for making me smile on an otherwise rather miserable day.

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Texas
    I enjoyed that post too Purgator. Very funny!

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    Registered: Jan 2011
    Location: Wild and Wooly West of Ireland
    Glad I could make you giggle.

    Beloved Minerva.

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