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Thread: More than 100fps possible?

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    More than 100fps possible?

    Hey guys,

    I've recently treated myself to a 144hz monitor and wondered if it is possible to achieve more than 100fps in Thief 2. There seems to be a cap because it's just not going above 100, does anyone know if there's a line in some .ini I can tweak or something?

    Thanks in advance

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    the 100fps cap exists so the games physics dont go crazy :P

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    Take a look at the cam_ext.cfg (NewDark)

    ; software based framerate limiter (in "single_display_mode")
    framerate_cap 100.0

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    Thanks Unna!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuriel View Post
    the 100fps cap exists so the games physics dont go crazy :P
    Any examples of what I can expect?

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    You could also try the cam_ext line:

    phys_freq 60
    This may solve the physics glitches, although someone reported issues with it on here a while ago.

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    Just had a go with the advice from Unna + the thing about phys freq which I actually got from I haven't played much, but it seemed to work alright (noticed an issue with my hdd at the same time which was more important). Should I notice anything I'll gladly put it here for anyone else who's interested in beyond 100fps Thief 2 or Dark Engine games in general.

    Thank you as well Tafferwocky!

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    This was discussed a few months ago:

    I didn't like the way Garrett moves with phys_freq 60 enabled, maybe it's tolerable for others.

    I recommend setting your refresh rate to 85 in cam_ext with this cvar (requires latest version of NewDark):

    d3d_disp_refreshrate 85

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    Here's one good reason for it: Thief in VR.

    VR headsets will target 90 FPS initially, and 120 FPS or more later.

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    I've been playing Thief at 120 FPS for years now and the only problem I've ever come across is slow moving geometry, like pressure plates. Spamming quicksave, which effectively slows your framerate, gets around this issue when you need to activate a pressure plate to progress. Alternatively, phys_freq 60 fixes the issue entirely but causes stuttery motion of physics objects, including Garrett, which you may or may not notice. I'm not sure what, if any, framerate LGS was targeting, but I doubt machines where pulling a consistent 60 FPS at release.

    If you have a Gsync or Freesync monitor, you can also use that in conjunction with a lower framerate_cap (e.g. framerate_cap 60) and you'll have a low-latency experience with well behaved physics. It won't be as smooth as running a higher refresh rate, but it will be less jarring than lowering phys_freq.

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    Hello and sorry for the necroposting but I have a 144Hz gaming monitor and I wanted to return in Thief 2.

    I've read on this thread and also on this one that the game is capped at 100fps to avoid problems in the physics, and I know there's the phys_freq parameter, but I have one question: what are the physic glitches exactly? Is there any example of how I could test this in game? I would like to play the game with as much fps as the game can support it without having things that won't work because of this.

    If my d3d_disp_refreshrate is set to 144 but halfed with the vsync_mode 7 to a max of 72fps, would that be okay?

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