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Thread: Need advice on 'Return to the Cathedral'

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    Need advice on 'Return to the Cathedral'

    I've replayed this game probably 20 times over the years, but every single time I get frustrated with the first section of the Keeper's Chapel mission. And none of the walkthroughs or forum posts I've read seem to reflect my experience.

    I have the same experience every time: I avoid all the undead and grab the eye as stealthily as I know how; at that point the undead go nuts, which I assume is unavoidable. But then even if I hide in a corner for 10 minutes the alert level never seems to go down. When I finally make my way quietly towards the back door, as soon I enter that back stairway area, multiple haunts come charging directly at me through closed doors and across multiple floors! At that point I usually throw up my hands and skip to the next mission.

    I beat this mission once years ago by sprinting into the backyard (with every enemy in angry pursuit), hiding in a ditch for a while, and then I think they eventually calmed down. That felt very unsatisfying as a solution, but I don't know how else to get through this section. Is there a stealthier way to grab the eye that doesn't raise the alarm? Do I need to kill all the enemies before I grab the eye? What am I doing wrong here?

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    Grabbing the eye temporarily upsets the haunts and changes the patrol routes of the haunts, zombies and apparitions iirc. You can avoid getting everyone too mad by mossing the hammer so you don't make noise as you take the eye. I then usually sit behind the Hammer altar, watch the patrols for a while until I have a moment where it's either just zombies or no-one, and use that opportunity to sneak out the door. As I recall, the door to the courtyard opens outwards into it, so you can put your back against it to be sure nothing follows you.

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    Also to remember, haunts are just as vulnerable to flashbombs as zombies are, so you can get them all into one single group and flashbomb their asses! 2 or 3 flashbombs should be enough.

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    I strongly suggest you use the stealthy eye-grab move that Klatremus discovered / developed. the eye can be grabbed quietly if you are silent and unobserved while grabbing it while jumping backwards to a well-placed rope arrow in a dark area close to the hammer. It's not easy but it is repeatable.

    I don't even bother to use the talisman's to open the front door - I jump to an alcove on the SW corner of the cathedral outside to jump/mantle to the fence, follow it around to the top of St Jennel's, loot the entire compound before entering the cathedral itself (if you want to ghost it means skipping one piece of loot from St Jennels).

    the level CAN be ghosted. I have once been able to ghost it ironman style too. painfully slow while waiting for patrols to line up though.

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