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Thread: T2 FM: Behind Closed Doors (6th Feb 2017)

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    Hmm. Only got 6080 loot, where on earth should be the remaining? I have the necklace by the rat, I have all the loot after the mask puzzle, I was at Davenish' place, I brought the rare spirits to the bar owner, I've done Master Killian and the noble's safe at the bank as well.
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    What a fantastic mission! After over 4 hours I finished it on expert with 7223 loot and all the optional objectives and the bonus objective. in my opinion it was done perfectly, not too hard & not too easy. The german translation was done perfectly aswell.

    The only thing I needed help with was the bell riddle. I did not understand that I need to get the number 24 for it. Ive read the note from the hammerite guy to the other, but I thought it means I have to use the numbers for certain times on your daily days (like 7 for morning, 12 for midnight, etc.)

    What I enjoyed the most (apart from the awesomely made town with a very helpful map and the superb high quality), were the different fractions that appeared throughout the story: the ratboy/monster as the thief, the magician that killed himself for creating it, the hammerite treasure, doing some optional stuff for random people like getting loveletters back or finding some liqur, solving a crime case, collecting some jewels birds took away from a necklace, etc. etc.

    One question I do have though: How many jewels from bird nests where there actually to collect? I remember I found about 6-7. Were there more?

    Anyway, I enjoyed this even more than deaths turbid veil and the Violent End to Duncan Malveine, which are two favourites of mine. Next Im going to try out Malazar's Inscrutable Tower Thank you so much for your hard work!!
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    I just replayed this as well. Its still awesome. This is one of my favorite missions.

    Samantha1 There are13. You may have to consult the walkthrough as a few are hidden real well and hard to spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tone_lord View Post
    So many wonderful, incredible fan missions have been released in the last little while that I have completely run out of superlatives.
    Let me say then, simply, that this mission resides at the apex along with a very, very select group of missions that I think of as the best I have ever played.

    What I particularly liked:
    The architecture was beautiful, detailed, realistic, and ingenious.
    The pathways to be followed were many times not obvious. That is, you could see that you must be able to get "there," but you have to search for the correct path by climbing upward and all around--which, by the way, is my absolute favorite thing to do in Thief.
    Many, many brilliant puzzles which are thought provoking, but not so obscure that you can't figure them out with a little thought.
    Above all: the mind-blowing complexity of successfully keeping all of the elements of the mission fluid and in balance, making for a most enjoyable experience.
    Very professional level effort.

    I again wish to express my eternal gratitude and admiration for those of you in the Thief community who are so dedicated and creative as to give to the rest of us the joyous fruit of your long labors. Thief lives because of fans like you. Eighteen years on, and we have the best fan community anywhere. It's simply remarkable and wonderful.
    I cannot imagine life without Thief.
    I bow to you.
    I have just replayed the mission.
    I had forgotten how good this mission is.
    I stand by everything I wrote back in 2017.
    (To my delight, I found that I had forgotten enough of the details to make the replay as fun as the first time.)
    If this mission had been done for the 20th Anniversary contest, I do not doubt that it would have been one of the highest scoring missions in the voting.

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    just replayed this mission once again and wow i enjoyed it alot

    never found easter egg or the picture i heard about,and missed some birds nests also,but i got everything else

    only thing i feel this mission was missing was more conversations by npc's

    and yes i found dewdrop and he was enjoying the mission also,even nibbles some grapes/healing fruit so refreshing.i did see one painting using the intruder frame ,i liked it alot

    great job on mission

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    Thanks so much for this. An absolutely compelling FM.

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