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Thread: Sturmdrang Peak Mission 6 - Hubris and Humidity questions

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    I also ended up without lockpicks -- probably because I did Ctrl+Alt+ etc. I'd happily finish the campaign if I had a save file for the beginning of the mission. I just can't face playing through the whole campaign again just to get the lockpicks. Does anyone have one?

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    Same here. On normal I haven’t had lockpicks since mission 3 and assumed it was part of a cunning plan as it didn’t hinder progress until near the end of Mission 6. However ... reluctantly I had abandoned mission 4 after understanding the task to limit water flow at intervals down each shaft. Being a little bit colour blind I couldn’t distinguish between blue and purple (?) so I had to ctrl+alt+shift+end to move on. I completed mission 5 with most of the loot and as I kept recovering “lost bags” I assumed lockpicks would turn up at some time. In the final mission I’ve got 60% loot and all runes apart from the water triangle which I understand is in that chest in the “old lighthouse”. I’ve tried the catacombs key on the lock, hitting it with the crystal sword and firing 8 fire arrows at it. As expected it remains intact but as Brethren points out in the thread you (eventually) inherit what you had from the previous mission so I think that's as far as I can go ... But it’s a very very good game. Throughout I’ve admired the handiwork and detail and several times said “Look at those different palm trees!” or similar remark. Reading through the credits and all those responsible, great stuff. Congratulations nicked for using the objects etc so very well to create an excellent game.

    Update: Having just watched FenPhoenix’s YouTube play-through of the last part to see how it ends it looks like I got out just in time. HaHa.
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