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Thread: Brief Summaries of all the missions. T1/TG/T2/T3/TDM

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    We're missing Melan's Disorientation .

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    Thanks, and replaced.

    It used to be there, it must have got disorientated and fell out of bed.

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    I would like to play Mine Shock for Thief 1 on NewDark 1.27. I downloaded all DMLs by voodoo47, but the dml for Mine Shock does not seem to be in the archive. Am I missing something?

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    With this mission these is no dml, Voodoo got permission from JIS to fix Mine Shock and made a new miss20.mis file.

    Looks like Voodoo has deleted a number of fixes from his repository since he released the latest TFix that includes FMdml package, but it looks like FMdml loads the new miss20.mis file for this mission as it is included in his FMdml release notes.

    Here's a copy of the good miss20.mis file. Extract this new miss20.mis file from it's zip and replace the bad miss20.mis file in Mine Shock folder.

    Only put in TG/FMSel/Mineshock folder or replace the miss20.mis file in your Mineshock FM folder and then reinstall Mine Shock patched with the good miss20.mis file

    Do NOT place it in your TG main Root folder.
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    You are awesome, fortuni! With voodoo47's modified miss20.mis file, I am able to play the mission without crashes on NewDark 1.27.

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