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Thread: Favorite Game Music TRACKS (blast from the past?)

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    In researching the various video game music releases made last year, I stumbled upon something released years and years ago: a track that was on a Squaresoft café themed bonus CD that features a band playing FF6's 'Aria di Mezzo Caraterre' with acoustic instruments. Yes, I know we've heard the original song a trillion times, all billion versions of it, and this is the millionth mention of FF6, but well. Never mind all that. Just listen to this.

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    Ok ok ok, tracks of the year, so far.

    I'm making a playlist of my faves of 2019, let me know if I've missed anything.

    and themesong of the year, hands down...

    What these games have in common besides their cool soundtracks is that they're... uh, not very good. At least KZ and Pikuniku never really grabbed me. Art Sqool is in the latest Humble Bundle but I haven't heard great things.

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    While I can't look for videos right now, I greatly enjoyed the music both in Outer Wilds and Disco Elysium. Both have relatively untypical musical styles that reinforce the themes and tone of the two games, even if the number of different tunes is relatively small in both cases.

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    Hah, that Katana Zero track is something I only know from this.

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    Technically a rearrange, but it is excellent enough to be here.

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    Often the best music I keep finding is featured in games i either haven't played or in ones which are bad in terms of the actual gameplay, but here's a stellar exception: Ridge Racer Type 4

    (Hard to point a single favourite track, but if i had to do it, i think Pearl Blue Soul could be it)

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