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Thread: Any day is a TTLG coop day! (was: TTLG coop Saturdays)

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    I'll try to make it, I'm traveling but I have my PC so if I can work it out I'll be there.

    Is there a discord or something you use? Do people still play lan w hamachi or something similar?

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    We usually use either Teamspeak 3 or Mumble, and with the Elite Force mod you don't need to use Hamatchi; the last two times I just hosted a game, people connected to my IP, and that was that, more or less. We had to do some minor fiddling, but last Saturday Malf was able to join without any problems.

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    Very enjoyable SWAT 4 session with Sulphur and Jeshibu, the high point of which was probably when Jesh threw a grenade (gas? stinger?) into a room just as a bad guy came towards us, so he ended up headbutting the grenade right back at us. Fun times!

    Seriously, though, SWAT 4 makes for some great coop and it does a bunch of things that barely any games have done since. The levels are great too - they feel realistic but they're also good spaces for the game mechanics. Not that I think there'd be all that much of a market for such a police-y game these days, but in terms of the gameplay I'd love to see an updated version of this.

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    It really is a shame nobody's done a game like it since, because there's a lot of room for improvement. Even with the Elite Force mod there's a lot of things that could be improved just by doing it on a current-day engine. Stuff like light not shining through closed doors (though maybe some silhouetting at the bottom would be cool), mirrors working like actual mirrors, baddies sometimes picking up their guns if you leave them there long enough, people not needing to be convinced into submission sometimes, people lying down if there's a gunfight over their heads... stuff like that.

    But yeah, releasing this now would be pretty tone-deaf, and I don't think a game like this could contain an effective critique of police brutality.

    Anyway, here's a protip on what to do if you're ever fighting SWAT and they throw a stinger grenade:

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