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Thread: Thief 4 theory's cont story line post thief 3

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    Thief 4 theory's cont story line post thief 3

    so i been thinking about thief 3 ending and wondered if there was a thief 4 what direction would it go

    i would have to say magic would have probably been brought back,also viktoria would have been brought back to life in a mission by garrett's doing,as he felt indebted to her at end of thief 2

    garrett would end up living among the pagans in the forest,being taught pagan magic

    dewdrop would make an appearance of course

    garrett would not take over for keepers

    orland is still a piece of shit :P that gullible keeper novice in my opinion

    garrett tires of living with pagans in need of some excitement do goes down to the dock where he runs into a old friend who convinces garrett to go with him to a new land by boat of course after a few drinks at the crippled burrick pub=yes its that burrick you hit with the sword in a earlier mission from thief 1 :P

    while in new city the adventure begins ...

    of course its all made up but ,just to think how open ended they left thief 3 is amazing in some ways,so this way if there ever is a true thief 4 it can be a lot of variety to story

    i will say this i think it would have been time for garrett to move on from the city once and for all,he did all he could there

    what do you all think?

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    Nah, Garrett's story was done at the end of Thief 3. His arc was complete. He went from the rebellious thief who abandoned the keepers to being a keeper himself, right down to plucking a pickpocket off the street to serve as his apprentice. Dude would have "retired" for all intents and purposes, taught his pupil to be a keeper and kept in mind the things that made him hate the keepers so long ago.

    If there were to be a Thief 4 and it had anything to do with the characters of the original trilogy, you'd need to be playing as Garrett's apprentice. You'd look up to him and the other keepers and try desperately to become a keeper yourself, Drama(tm) happens and you end up not becoming a keeper. Garrett's arc went keeper training -> no interest in being a keeper -> accepting keeper duties, so imo you'd want to reverse that arc in a hypothetical new character. Keeper training -> wants to be a keeper -> doesn't end up as a keeper.

    Of course, I'd actually prefer a game set in the same universe with absolutely no relation to any established characters. But this would be the second best approach imo.

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    I did once rough out a story as a continuation, the final glyph severed the connection between written glyphs and their meaning, so glyphs were still there but couldn't be comprehended and so they had no power, I imagined glyphs as not having power themselves but getting their power from the one who reads them, so if you didn't understand them they didn't work

    The side effect of this was that all written language was a form of glyph, so all banking records became gibberish overnight, title deeds, contracts, wanted notices, laws & edicts, bar tabs, no one can prove they own anything no one can prove laws had been broken, so a descent into chaos is in progress, society is collapsing as people realise

    And just to put the icing on the cake, the beasties from the maw were held back by magic written in the fabric of the earth and this too is gone, now the only thing holding them back are the few keepers who remember the spells, which is, of course, in a language that cannot be spoken by human tongue, and exercising the magic is slowly killing them, so it's only a matter of time before there is nothing to hold back the beasties

    So, as Garrett activated the final glyph, Garret has to go and find the prime glyph, the first one, the one that kick started all the others and activate that too to reactivate the link between glyphs and meaning, bearing in mind he can't recognise or read it even if he can find it, so he also needs to find someone or something that can

    Fun and hilarity ensues

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    ty for all your view points

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    I'm with Amorphous, Garrett's story is done at the end of Thief 3. A continuation of his story as a thief doesn't seem possible to me since he has embraced his position as a Keeper. It would be cool to have a continuation where he trains the young girl he meets to maintain the balance as a Keeper, but I don't think that would be a "Thief" game.

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    perhaps garrett in his old age with dementia can start stealing again ...

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