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Thread: Looking for "Ocean's 11" style mission(s)...

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    Looking for "Ocean's 11" style mission(s)...

    Hello Folks,

    I've been away from the Thief series for far, FAR too long, and I'm rushing back to wash the foul stench of modern "AAA" gaming off of me...!

    A long time ago, I played one of THE Best Thief missions ever. It was modeled after the film "Ocean's 11," where a GROUP of thieves, fences, honeypots and whatnot all orchestrated their actions so that the thief could make his way in to get the goods.

    For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this jaw droppingly amazing mission. Could anyone help me locate this experience, and let me know where I could find it to download once more?

    Also, it was my understanding from the time, that the mission-makers were planning on making a SERIES of missions in this style of multi-participant heists. If they ever finished other "Ocean's 11" type missions, could the names of those missions be supplied to me? Needless to say, I'd love to try them, or any other mission in this style.

    I'm afraid that many of the missions I had saved on my external hard drive are now lost due to my external hard drive's failure.

    Is there a site that you'd steer me towards that would supply The Very Best of fan made missions my way?

    Thank you for your help on this. I'm pretty desperate to get my hands on some Good Times again.


    Jan. 31, 2019

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    you looking for Circle of Stone and Shadow pt 2: Mission X

    sounds like you already played part 1

    also part 2 has a new dark version that came out recently,so you got good timing
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