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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    Also the bad sound propagation in the tail section of Assassins. And this happens in full Tfix. The assassins will often mute when you really need to be able to hear them.

    An example of this is towards the end where there is a wooden u-bend walkway around a pool, and if you wait in the shadow for them to go around the u-bendas soon as they disappear from view their footsteps mute until you go around it yourself and see them walking up the path.

    There were also at least two spots in Bedfellows where an apebeast will mute even though you can see it coming towards you, in that corridor between the locked door and the path leading to the raft.

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    Question: why not include now (2019) the Thief Sound Effect Enhancement Pack by Child of Karras ?

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    I try to avoid making the patcher too bloated.

    also, bad sound propagation is room brushing, I could be fixing that for the next decade and still not be done. but do drop the location into the bugtracker, if possible.

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    Error opening file writing:

    C:\ .... common\thief_gold\ir50_32.dll

    Click Abort to stop installation,
    Retry or try again, or
    Ignore to skip the file.

    I skip the file and the game starts anyway, i thought perhaps its something important to post.

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    don't like the "C:\ .... common" part too much, as it indicates a filepath that is perhaps too long, but the dll itself shouldn't be too important (but if your videos won't play, you'll know why). antivirus sticking its fingers where it shouldn't is also a possibility.

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    After six months with TFix 1.26a, when do you plan to launch a new release?
    Or at least a dml in Caverns with another (again?) door that vanishes when opened (uploaded yesterday to bugtracker)

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