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Thread: The Zombies in Return to the Cathedral

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    The Zombies in Return to the Cathedral

    There are a couple zombies in Return to the Cathedral whose behavior patterns were odd and puzzled me for the longest time. Today, I found out that they were set up that way on purpose, as I suspected they were. One was guarding the Cemetery Key and it seemed obsessed with the stairs leading down to it. If you walked even a short distance away from it, it would return to its original position.

    The other one was in the changing rooms near the observatory. No matter which angle you approached the door it was standing behind, it would follow you to where you were standing at the moment when the zombie opened the door.

    I love these sorts of weird, eccentric behaviors, and I find it quite fitting that certain zombies in that level have peculiar behavior patterns like that. I wish fan mission makers would use that in their missions and give zombies a little bit of fascinating mystery behind them, given that their behavior is already a little irrational.

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    I have noticed these zombies being different also. I actually have a theory on the standing zombie at the bottom of the stairs protecting the key. I think he was supposed to be a sleeping zombie. He seems very malpositioned, almost standing on the very corner of the first step, plus there are hardly any stationary zombies anywhere in the game. The only two are in St. Yora's, in the two alcoves in the central room downstairs. Those act differently in OldDark than in NewDark too. In OD they would do a pivot on a first alert, at which time you could rush in and get the loot behind one of them. In ND they don't do that, so you can't get the loot if ghosting.

    The one in the changing room/confession booth is certainly the most peculiar though. I did find a way to get the loot behind him without alerting him, but it took a while (~10min). You can check it out here if you'd like.
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    Sadly, those little "quirks" have to be handled carefully. Too many, and they become more of an annoyance and tedious. Incorrectly, and they seem hacked-in. A little variety goes a long way though. I like pleasant surprises from time to time. That's the value of betatesting, I suppose.

    Interesting find. It's been too long since I've played TG. Is there a similar fix for it such as T2Fix for T2? I'd be very interested to know.. Thanks!

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