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Thread: New T2 Mission: Reverse Robbery

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    Very well made FM but I'm really wanting to see a more non linear one like Calendra's Legacy. Even if not like that, at least make it so the secrets and loot aren't D**k hard as balls to find.

    Dont get me wrong, i like a good challenge. just not 17 of them in one level

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    Funny thing about those gears.

    I found two of the four gears and had used them in the vault. I then went to the lawyer's office, found the hidden switch to reveal the box containing a gear. On opening the box, I get the Garrett's spoken message of "this is the last one and now onto the vault". However, the gear doesn't show up in my inventory, and I have no knowledge of getting the fourth gear (which I may, in fact, possess but it's not appearing).

    I'm now off to the vault, maybe with one or two invisible gears to try my luck.

    Other than that, I'm really enjoying this mission. Thanks!

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    That was an unfortunate bug in the first version of the mission. If you download the "final" version from here:, you can avoid this problem.

    I assume you would have to start over though, sorry...

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    I'm really wanting to see a more non linear one
    Some people's definition of linear must be different than mine. You can explore anywhere in the city at any time, you are not forced to follow one path.

    "Linear" means a mission like Into the Odd where you are forced to find a gear first to open the sewers, you are forced to go through the sewers, then the sanctuary, then Balnebrich's mansion, then the underground aqueducts, then back to the sanctuary...and there is no way to deviate from this path.

    And I say this with Into the Odd being my second-favorite mission of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.Stahl View Post
    I have found the secret at E.Smythe's flat. The secret with an empty coin box. I've expected metal gear. Is it ok or a bug?
    Can anyone tell me where Smythe's flat is located at?

    Edit: I found it, and it wasn't a flat, it was an office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RippedPhreak View Post
    There is a way to find out who robbed the bank. I think no one has found it yet though.
    I assume it would have been Avery and/or his employees. There is that drill bit and the drill out back. Plus the guy is on the board of directors. There certainly are some interesting items in the lockers.

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    That's...actually a better idea than what I came up with.

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    My guess was on avery aswell because of the drill bit outside, but if you say it like that I guess itīs not him And I couldnīt find anything at his place anyway.

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