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Thread: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    I signed up to be alerted when it was out, having quite liked Ingress, natch.

    I got it as soon as the alert came in and tried to register a cool username.

    Raistlin (of course!). Gone!

    Ok, RaistlinMajere? Gone.

    Hmm. Fistandantilus then? Gone.

    Right. Let's try a different tact. Kvothe? GONE

    I realised then that all the fantasy fans will have snaffled all the names of every fictional wizard, but I did manage to get R4istlin. Bonus.

    Anyone else tried it? Seems a bit boring to me.

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    Raistlin from Forgotten Realms? That name rings a bell somewhere. Pretty sure it's from that.

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    Some info on what this is, or even a link to something would have been helpful.

    Here, let me help:

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    Raistlin from Forgotten Realms?
    Goldmoon would know. I'd have thought more TTLGers would have read fantasy novels. I read a bunch when I was a teenager.

    Aaanyway, any of you losers tried this Harry Potter effort?

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    I put on my wizard robe and hat

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