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Thread: StarCraft - Mass Recall

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    StarCraft - Mass Recall

    Today on RPS, was an article on a Starcraft 2 mod that I was unaware of. Starcraft - Mass Recall, which is a total conversion-ish mod which is essentially a remake of Starcraft 1 done in the same vein as the Black Mesa mod.

    The mod covers all campaigns from both the vanila SC1 and Broodwar. All cinematics intact. Music is remixed and from what I heard in the trailer video below for it, sounds quite good..

    Definitely planning on checking this one out.

    So I gave it a try for 1 mission.


    * Vastly improved graphics (obviously)
    * More abilities for hero's. Nice.
    * Music sounds good.


    * The mod makers did not setup their installer properly. If you ran it and wonder why you don't see a shortcut on your Desktop even though the installer says it put it there, is because you like me have a custom desktop setup (as in the computer address of your desktop is not c:/users/-name-/desktop. Check the standard address, as that's likely where the shortcut is. Had to go reading forum posts before I discovered about it.


    * The text that pops on screen prior to a briefing (eg "Tarsonis. 2 days later") was not working properly. On the level I tested it would do a line of text, then I had to hit ESC, then it would do the next. Otherwise it just sat there.
    * The new 3D models for the characters in briefings is a bit hit and miss. Some are fine, whilst others are really bad.
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