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Thread: Google gaming (Stadia)

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    GeForce Now's an interesting idea in that you're not subscribing to access content, you're subscribing to what is, essentially, hardware. Like renting a compute cluster, but for gaming. Personally, I find that idea more palatable than the Netflix for Gaming angle that Stadia's going for.

    I usually tell people to write down the pros/cons for things if they're making important decisions. This isn't one, but the pros and cons sounded intriguing, so:

    + Instant access to a smorgasbord of games!
    - But you can't own* them, don't get to choose them, and that game you like can rotate out of the service at any time

    + Doesn't need to run from a box that's always going to be outmoded at some later date!
    - Needs high-bandwidth internet and low latency, so good luck if your connection is metered, is unreliable, or not close enough to a Google Data Centre

    + Cheaper than buying all those games!
    +- If you as a consumer prefer to dip in and out of the latest games, this makes sense in the short term. Pay up when something interests you, close your wallet when it doesn't. In the long term, you've paid for time played, not access at will to specific games for an indefinite period of time. Your consumer habits dictate how you feel about this.
    - You'll never get a chance to buy an offline copy of that game you really, really like if it's a platform exclusive

    - Welcome to always online machine learning algorithms that profile your personality through how you express yourself in games - won't it be fun when they can get it to parse your banter in multiplayer?
    - Of course the games will be ad-supported and the ads will be user-profile targeted
    - Offline play? Uh. What?

    Frankly, the over-riding factor is convenience and cost. We as consumers are quick to give up benefits/change priorities in exchange for instant and non-fussy access to something at a low enough price. Google knows this, so the real play they have to make to get traction is choosing the right price.

    If it isn't clear, I'm not a fan of the entire paradigm. Too many technology ifs buts and maybes. Too many things we take for granted being given up. Too many implications that aren't exactly easy to sleep with at night. So no thanks, Google. I don't think so.

    TL;DR - I prefer my games a la carte, so that's where I'm staying.

    *yes, I know, you don't technically own games you buy, you simply get a limited license. In practical terms it doesn't make much of a difference since the license is, in effect, indefinite.

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    Welp, Geforce Now just removed the ability to install unsupported games. It was fun while it lasted... on the plus side, it seems that virtually none of the users are ok with this decision, so maybe something will come of the backlash.
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    Cloud gaming has been on the market for quite a while but no one was able to launch it to this extent. Though I'm still curious what will be the input lag while playing

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