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Thread: NewDark Version - How to Tell?

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    NewDark Version - How to Tell?

    A stupid question. Is there a way to tell which version of NewDark I have installed? I scanned through my Thief Directory but did not see anything obvious.


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    It probably is another better way. But the only way i know of, is to start Thief, Alt/Tab out, then hold the cursor on the Thief icon on the task-bar.

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    Check Thief(2).exe (mouse right click)
    Properties--Details--Product Version. This is the ND version.

    In DromEd/game:
    Load tnhscript
    Put CommandControl script on a marker. Design Note: on=dark_version
    Let it trigger and the ND version will be displayed onscreen.
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    It also say which version of ND you have installed at the top of the FMsel mission loading page (not sure about AngelLoader or NewDarkLoader).

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    another easy way is to alt-tab out of the application, you'll see the version on the minimized tab.

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    Thanks all. Worked like a charm.

    The knowledge and support on this forum continues to amaze me.


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