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    I have a doubt.

    Yet the title of this thread says "NO DOUBT!!!".

    Is this the end of the internet?

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    Aaaah! You killed my internets!!!

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    I think everyone has proved my point. The 'Cowl' works better with all armor....

    Thanks for bringing up the Life Detect.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhook View Post
    at some point you do get a assasins robe with 100% chameleon... that plus a certain mask and quite fairly you can get away with almost anything...
    What robe?
    Do you get this in the black hand quests? I'm the black hand listener and I've gotten all the bonuses but I don't have such a robe!

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    ok I dont remember where i got it from, and it may be one of those levelled items, like the "finger of the mountain" spell early on its pitiful and later its so powerful you need to be a serious mage and drink beacoup potions to cast it...
    I have done every quild quest, side quest, training quest i can find (166 completed, 6 active), and am only halfway through main quest so I could have picked it up anywhere... sorry wish i could help you out, becuz it is super cool to try to talk to people who want to kill you and have them admit they may be hearing/seeing things...

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